Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I admire people who are able to take one topic per day and blog about it. It seems like this would give one a nearly UNLIMITED supply of blogs---but I seem totally unable to do that. I blog about EVERY little thing that rumbles through my brain as I’m composing a post. THEN, I get freaked out that I FORGOT some little comment or tidbit that would make my musings funnier, or more insightful, or even more stupid!

I don’t know what the rules of blogging are. Therefore, my own rules go! I’ll blog about whatever I want, and ramble on as long as I want, and if you don’t like it, then read it anyway---and COMMENT……..only be nice. I’m scared of hateful comments.

There are SO many things to share----There is no rhyme or reason to the order in which my musings are noted…….

Son #2’s spina bifida is a ‘non-issue’ to quote the Orthopedist that saw him yesterday. Props to the doctors here and at Columbia Orthopaedic Group that were generous enough to get this situation worked out SPEEDILY……I mean c’mon……A family doctor visit which diagnosed the spina bifida (SB) Friday morning, an MRI an hour later, and RESULTS from the MRI in my hands by 4pm Friday afternoon, and then a SPECIALIST appointment by Monday at 10:30. Wow. I was able to take x-rays and a CD of his MRI with me to the appointment on Monday, so the doctor had all the info right in front of him. Athletes in Mid Mo are ‘taken care of’ so to speak. The doctors know how coaches are and so forth, but this is a Freshman player---not a college level player….therefore I am truly grateful that everyone was so accommodating to us. As it turnes out, son #1 is cleared to play any and all sports he wants to. This SB is a non-issue in his life, and he is not at any greater risk than anyone else of his activity level of back injury…….Son #2 was very happy about that. He was NOT so happy to hear that his lumbar injury that he got Thurs. night (that caused the doctor visit that found the SB) would keep him out of the game until NEXT Monday. I keep reminding him that a week off is way better than a lifetime off, but to a 15 yr old, a week is a lifetime. Although, I must say, he’s been very good about all of this. He is understanding that he’s lucky----but I know he’s still frustrated to not be able to jump right back in. He’ll miss a game on Thursday…….but he’ll be back for their toughest opponent the following week.

I have x-rays that Mr. Perfectly will try to scan and I’ll illustrate what the deal is…..it’s kind of interesting…especially knowing it does not affect his life or well being in any way. But I forgot to bring them home last night, and I don’t have those yet. Watch later tonight or tomorrow for x-ray shots…..if they scan okay, that is.

McDonalds new “Mocha’s” are NASTY. Nasty. I am all for the flavored powdered stuff that gas station machines spew out….and then call coffee (or cappuccino)…..I think they taste good! But I couldn’t even finish this stuff. It had some weird aftertaste……or during taste……I don’t know, it was just awful.

Perfectly’s dad has been having his 1967 Chevy Camaro restored. He bought it new in 1967. I drove it as a teenager (and was mortified to drive an ‘old’ car). It’s a three speed (on the ‘tree’) and it’s turquoise in color. He had it ‘restored’ once before, but wasn’t real pleased with the results, and it has been being ‘restored’ again for the last 2 years. They guy doing it is METICULOUS and has taken a lot of time and care in this restoration. Mr. Perfectly and Perfectly’s dad are going to try to hang out with the car at the city’s last downtown car show of the year. They have one at the end of each month during the summer………and I think they are both excited at the idea. Mr. Perfectly is a car fanatic……..Son #1 wants to ‘borrow’ the newly restored car for Homecoming. Ha. I doubt that will happen. I’m anxious to see how it all goes.

Stoogie wanted to see a picture of my ‘slumped’ bottle to use as a cheese board. So, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a photo…..oh, and one of the tiara I bought……

I wish I could make these….it is such a cool idea…….I could give them as work presents at Christmas! A packaged cheese ball mix, a cheese spreader, and the board, and VIOLA!!!---instant gift. In the picture, it looks like the bottle may not be very flat, but it is......as flat as it CAN BE..... the round part of the bottom of the bottle does stick up A LITTLE, but not as much as the photo depicts. IT's really a cute, albeit kitchy idea!

That’s all I’ve got for now. I seriously thought I had a lot more stuff to talk about, but I guess my advanced age is preventing me from remembering…….I’m sure as soon as I hit ‘publish’, I’ll remember them, and be annoyed at myself.

Toodles for now!


Kristen said...

Thanks for the warning about the McDonald's "mochas." They look so pretty in the pictures I was tempted by them but not anymore.

I love your cheese board. It's totally cool.
Will you use it when you and Mr. Perfectly have me and stoogie over for cheese and crackers?

Kristen said...

Please give Mr. Perfectly a big, giant hug for pimpin the sweepstakes!

stoogepie said...

I love the cheese board, too!

Yeah, when are we coming over for cheese and wine and an orgy?

That's what the camcorder is for you know.