Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I don't compare myself to a pit bull

So, I heard back from Son #2's coach. He was very nice. He told me that something like 13 of the 50 kids were 'sick' or 'hurt' and couldn't practice, and unfortunately, Son #2 took the brunt of that one........He spoke to Son #2 and made amends. All boys that didn't practice that day got bumped down in their positions, but Coach assured mine that he WILL see game time tomorrow, and even may play quite a bit.

My MOMMY is coming tomorrow. I'm excited. My brother may come as well. That is Heather's (my niece) dad, and The Rock Star Princess's grandpa. Yep, grandpa. He was 34 when Maddi was born...I call him the youngest grandpa ever. This makes me think of Crissy's post, and the decision to have a baby---just think Crissy----you COULD be a grandma..........

Anyway, I'm excited about my mom visiting. She's a total gem, and I dont' see her often enough.

I am making French Onion Soup to put in the fridge, so after the game tomorrow, we can have something decent to eat..........we'll pop it into crocks, and add toasted bread and cheese, and OH MY.......I nabbed a recipe from the Food Network....Tyler Florence to be exact, and it's some mighty fine soup.........try it if you are so's super easy, but cooking the onions down takes a bit of time.

I am off work on Friday to hang out with mom......WOOT WOOT. I love my time off work!!

It seems like there was something IMPORTANT I wanted to share, but for the life of riley, I cannot think of what it was.

OHHHHHHH.....I know---IT'S A NEW GHOST HUNTERS tonight. I'm stinking up my house with 4 huge onions cooking down and topping it all off with ghosts. If I have crazy ass dreams like I did LAST night, I'll be peeved. Mr. Perfectly better be more sympathetic to my ghost fear than he was to my paralyzing SNAKE fear.

Does anyone else have problems with the FREE CREDIT REPORT DOT COM commercials resonating in your brain? I know, I know, I've talked about this before, but I have a real problem with it. The jingles just rattle around up there and WON'T GO AWAY. Mr. Perfectly thinks it's just TOO FUNNY to play them repeatedly for my OCD pleasure.

Took son #2 to get his mop top doesn't want to see their hair sticking out under the helmet.........he's not happy with his new sort of traditional boy haircut. The back and sides looks like a reglar boy hair cut--over the ears and trimmed on the neck. The FRONT however, is still shaggy and sort of long-ish.....

Well, that's all the stuff I've got tonight.........real exciting, huh? Welcome to the life of a football mom..........BORING. I rarely wear lipstick, either.

I'll let you know tomorrow how the ghost show goes....and if I slept well through the fear and onion smell.........

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