Saturday, November 1, 2008


I've never had jello shots. I'm too old to have been part of the 'club scene'...back in my bar days, beer was about all people drank. Except me. I don't like beer.

I've never had anyone slurp anything out of my belly button.......and I've never danced on top of a bar/table/or any other off the ground object. I've also never rolled around in a pool of jello.

Teenie and I made probably 125 to 150 jello shots last night. There would have been more, but apparently my inexperience with the whole jello shot thing made me fill some of the cups too full. We made the following combinations:

Melon Jello/Watermelon Rum
Melon Jello/Midori
Lemon Jello/plain vodka
Pineapple jello/2/3 plain vodka & 1/3 blue curaco
Tropical punch jello/plain vodka
orange jello/peach schnapps

I sipped each concoction while still hot and my favorite was the pineapple. Believe it or not, my second favorite (which I would NEVER have guessed) was the punch. I'm not much of a red jello/kool aid type of person. Strawberry is OKAY, but not great. Cherry----mmmmm, not so much. My third favorite was the lemon jello with the vodka and curaco. I expected the orange/peach and the melons to be my favorites. I was surprised. I'm anxious to try them when they've set and are cold.

I read on the internet that even experienced drinkers (ahem......not me) even have trouble with jello shots because one doesn't know how much liquor is ingested since it is yummy and jello-ish. WE are also bringing wine.

OHHHHHH!!!! What did we make jello shots FOR? We are going to a BYOB school fundraiser for Teenie's son---a project graduation TRIVIA NIGHT. Teenie's sister, Marie, is coming down and either Mr. Perfectly OR Perfectly's dad will be joining us. This is a big deal since neither of the influential males in my life are social butterflies. They were supposed to BOTH come, but due to a miscalculation on table space, only one will join us. I don't care who, as long as there is a sober person to take me home.

Teenie was responsible originally for selling 20 slots---THAT'S ALOT OF PEOPLE....but her ex husband took over selling one table of 10 and Teenie sold one table of 10, so there will be 20 of us at two tables vying for a trivia WIN.

I love Teenie's sister, too. It's always a BLAST when we are all together. I'm so excited!!

Well, I'm off to find an inflatable monkey and see if Wal Mart has any 1/2 price Halloween crap left. Like the hot dog costume for my weiner dog!

Stoogie, I (or Mr. P) will be taking the awesomely cool new camera to the event this evening, so there (hopefully) will be photos to share.

By for now my sticky, jello friends!!


stoogepie said...

I love Jello shots. Have you never been to New Orleans? You really should to Mardi Gras sometime. They sell Jello shots by the dozen there and have all sorts of fun and interesting flavors.

I bet you and Teenie and Mr. Perfectly are pretty awesome at trivia! I suck at trivia. I have a bad memory for all nouns.

What's the inflatable monkey for? Will it be anatomically correct or anything?

Anyways, can't wait to see the pictures, especially if the anatomically correct inflatable monkey is involved! I hope Mr. Perfectly is enjoying Photoshop!

Dingo said...

You drank Zimas, didn't you Shelly? I won't hold it against you but you have lost some points for it.

I have been known to partake of one or two hundred jello shots in my time -- not at one time, although some of my college years are a little hazy so don't quote me on that. You are right. You can get pretty fucked up on jello shots because they are so yummy and don't taste like alcohol. In my day, we made jello shots out of Everclear. My sorority also made a kool-aid punch with Everclear which we appropriately called Twisted Sister. Thank you for this walk down Alcohol Lane.

One question, if this is for a school fundraiser, should I assume you are selling these delightful concoctions to the kids? Such a progressive district you are in!

As for the hot dog costume for the pooch. No. A thousand times no. He likes you now but put him in a pet costume and he will eat your face off while you are sleeping. You've been warned.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Stoogie. I was in New Orleans when I was 7. I saw naked ladies dancing on bars.

I suck at trivia, I found out. I got some answers right, but I wasn't nearly as successful as I'd hoped.

The inflatable monkey....only for our jungle theme centerpiece. We couldn't find one in this po-dunk down....we used a 'barrel of monkeys' as in the kids games. We hung them from a wine bottle.


I've never had a zima in my life. BARTLES AND JAMES, now, is a totally different story. I am totally a wine and mixed drink girl (after graduating from wine coolers).

um, we must have screwed up the jello shot recipe (I got it from the internet) because they were STTTTRRRROOONNNNGGG. I bet there are 3/4 of them left. The melon jello/watermelon rum ones were the worst.....we could have breathed FIRE after those babies.

The pineapple and punch were still my favorite cold.....

This school fundraiser was held at the Knights of Columbus Hall in a tiny town called Taos, Missouri. It's a good Catholic community where partaking of one or many alcoholic beverages is thought highly of. Even if schoolchildren are involved. Anything for the kids, you know?

I had a King costume, a Pirate costume and a HOTDOG costume in my cart at Wal-Mart toda....and before I checked out, I gave them back. I knew my poor pooches would hate being subjected to my cuteness. BOYS.

Kristen said...

Oh Jello shots. One of my favorites. My friend Kendra is a nurse and she
"borrowed" a bunch syringes from the hospital and filled them with cherry jello shots to bring to our halloween party last year.

After about ten of those I started missing my mouth and shooting them onto the wall behind me.

Cherry Jello stains stuff.

Just so you know.

Kate said...

Pineapple and vodka? That's what my very last drunk was. Bummer I didn't figure it out before I quit. I loved those....