Monday, November 17, 2008

I must have a problem

Today son #2 had to have an MRI on his knee. Currently he's in one of those long braces....from thigh to calf? They think there may be a bone chip or something behind his knee cap.

So, after running around with him, I stayed home. I managed to get quite a bit accomplished. I have a small house. I don't mind my's comfortable for us. 3 bedrooms. 1 and a half baths......but the kitchen is the tiniest I've ever seen in a house. I mean I know there are hardly kitchens in alot of large city apartments and condos but this is a HOUSE. A whole HOUSE. And my kitchen is smaller than many BATHROOMS.

Anyway, we have a baker's rack along an empty wall---it is filled with STUFF. A coffee maker, extra, pretty plates, and the lower shelves have all my pots and pans. The very top shelf holds my canisters and the base for my phone. I have coffee cups hung on hooks all around it. The coffee mugs are dusty and rarely get washed, let alone used. My father in law bought me a set of stainless steel cookware. Some with NO nonstick on it. We are overflowing on the baker's rack. Mr. Perfectly cusses at LEAST once a day, if not more, over the overflow of crap that I sit on the floor hoping SOMEONE will DO something with it.

So, this morning, before the MRI, while in my jammies, I got busy. I cleaned out a cabinet (that we added in said tiny kitchen) I cleaned out cereal that wasn't getting eaten, crackers that have been LONG forgotten and replaced many times over.....with the replacements being long forgotten....I took some misc. stuff downstairs to store (with all the other crap we don't know what to do with), and I put all my liquor on a shelf in the cabinet, and moved some small appliances and big pots into the cabinet, freeing up alot of space on the bottom shelf of the bakers rack.......

We put all of our soda (or pop) and juice and other drinks ON THE FLOOR in FRONT of the bakers rack....which makes me trip, and I cuss at least once a day over the 12 packs of soda laying around. It's terrible. REALLY terrible.

Anyway, I moved some stuff around, made the bottom shelf of the rack for the soda and drinks, and hopefully will appease my wonderful husband. In the meantime, I found 4 brand new sets of gladware (or the other brands.......same stuff tho). Plastic containers with plastic lids. We lose lids. ALL THE TIME. So, trying to be helpful, I buy MORE containers AND lids but we never seem to throw the lid-less containers away....this upsets Mr. Perfectly alot too.

When I went to store our bazillion piece cookie cutter set (WTF? I don't make cookies) and a couple of other various items.....I found....YOU GUESSED IT...another two sets of plastic.

WHOOPSIE!! I apparently have a problem. No wonder Mr. Perfectly gets all bent out of shape.

So, I guess my next task is to match up lids with containers and pitch the lid-less ones.

Oh, and son #2 failed to take the trash out on Thursday, so our barrel is totally full and I have an extra 3 full bags of kitchen trash. Now I guess I'll add some plastic trash.

I don't think of us as pack rats. We get rid of LOTS of stuff on a regular basis. We, in fact, are the trashiest people I know!!! We don't always have full barrels, but we put our trash out twice a week, and MANY times the big rolling trash cart is overflowing. How can this be? It's nuts. No........(hangs head) we don't recycle. Mr. Perfectly told me if I wanted to recycle, it would be all my job. He said I'd have to wash out all cans, bottles and whatever else was recycled to prevent bugs.......and he wasn't doing ANY of, it's not getting done. I'm not patient or dedicated enough to recycle. I know, I'm a bad, bad person.

I tried to learn how to get the pictures from the photo memory card to the computer. I apparently am the dumbest person on earth, because I couldn't do it by myself or with help from Mr. Perfectly. I am such an idiot at times.

I took pictures of my messy kitchen/baker's rack, and I have some of Buster at the vet this past Saturday---all muzzled like Hannibal Lecter again......poor baby. He got x-rays........nothing appears to be wrong, and he is hobbling around on 3 legs for no apparent reason.

Alas, the photos will have to wait.'s a final thought. Ruby.

I have often posted on how I wish I had lots of friends, and how I'm afraid of being judged on my weight, blah blah blah. Right?

I found a 'reality show' on they Style Network called Ruby. She's a very overweight woman on a mission to lose weight. For all the right reasons. HERSELF, mainly. She's absolutely lovely. I fell in love with her on her first show. She's outgoing, kind and seems to be such a fabulous person!!! She has a huge support system, and lots of friends, and the girl seems to have most of her shit together.

If you have a sec, look it up on the internet, or watch her show. You'll fall for her too!! I imagine my internets as people like Ruby's friends. Y'all love me for me......(I hope).....and Stoogie loves me for my boobs. haha...just joking Stoogie.

I'm off for now.......gotta cook din for the fam.


Teresa said...

I absolutely adore Ruby too! She seems like the sweetest person on earth. I hope she does it. She has given me hope and inspired me to try harder to work on myself.

My husband and I recently started recycling and we were amazed at how little was left for the trash man after we took out the plastic, glass, paper/cardboard and tin cans. Most weeks we only have about one bag of trash. I don't recycle everything because I'm with you about not wanting to wash my trash, so if there is anything that's too yucky I just go ahead and put it in the trash. I feel like I'm at least doing a little something to help the planet.

Kristen said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who buys crackers on top of crackers on top of crackers.

It's a sickness I think.

Dingo said...

Is Ruby replacing Ghost Hunters? I can't imagine it's nearly as scary.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Teresa---I know recycling is GOOD. Perfectly, though, is LAZY.

Kristen--crackers and plastic bowls. Not even NICE plastic bowls. The ones that are designed to pitch if necessary (and with some of the science projects I've grown in my fridge, more than a few have been pitched at my house).

Dingo....OH NO......HEAVENS...NOT MY GHOST HUNTERS. My beloved Ghost Hunters? No way. Ruby? She's nice and sweet and I do love her, but my Ghost Hunters still rule.

Have I ever confessed my addiction to Forensic Files?

stoogepie said...

I haven't seen Ruby but I looked her up and she looks sweet.

I like forensic files, too. It's full of useful information that comes in handy again and again.

I do love you for your boobs!

Daisee579 said...

Shelly, will you pretty please come to my house and work your magic on my kitchen? We moved from a tiny house into a house with a much bigger kitchen (I love the size, just wish there were more windows in there). But somehow we managed to overflow these cabinets. With nothing good. okay, with some good stuff we got at the wedding. But? we have gobs of crackers, plastic bowls/tubs, and all kinds of random crap. I seem to save all those registration cards for appliances (kitchen, stereo, garage stuff, etc) but don't send them in - so they're in the kitchen drawers too.

So please? Will you come do my kitchen? You can wear your PJs :)