Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sam's Club

What variety and how little can a person get for 143.58 at Sam's Club?

2 Fountain Drinks
1 Set of 3 umbrellas
1 bottle of Pre-made Margaritas
1 set of extra large shopping bags
1 spiral cut ham
1 box of potstickers
1 huge bottle of olive oil
1 bottle of wine
1 package of underwear
1 salt grinder
1 pepper grider
1 box of cookies
1 huge (HUGE) bottle of pre-minced garlic
2 lbs pecans
and a bag of pretzel crisps.

I love/hate Sam's club....... I love all their stuff that they have and I hate how much I spend when I go. I love their samples of foods, and hate that I can't buy it all (except for the 'boneless' buffalo wings....yuk)

The shopping bags we bought? They were $2.74 for a set of two, and these are the biggest re-usable shopping bags I've ever seen. It held all of our Sam's club stuff and almost all of our groceries that we bought at Schnucks. Seriously. They are huge.

WE are having ham for dinner. And mashed potatoes and stuffing. Oh, and a rice dish. We're also having some sort of green vegtable to compliment all of the CARBS we will be taking in this evening.

Then on Tuesday (Veterans day!! A day off--woo hoo!!) we'll have Ham-n-Bean soup (with the leftover ham/hambone). Yummy!!

I'm off for now. Gotta start drinking the gallon of Margaritas we bought and making homemade stuffing (or dressing for the sophisticated folk).

Stoogie, as much as I love my own homemade stuffing, I still wish I was in Puerto Rico, on a beach drinking fruity drinks with umbrellas in them.



Kristen said...


I wish I were in Puerto Rico too.

It sucks here.

Kate said...

So, what was the one item that pushed the total over the edge? I always wonder about that when I go to Target.

I tried sleeping to an ocean sounds cd last night and it didn't work.