Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I suck

No, seriously……We planned on going to Des Moines for Thanksgiving---with Mom, and my Step-dad, and my grandma/grandpa and Uncle and cousins.

My grandma, who is 85, had her knee replaced at the end of October. She’s had quite a difficult recovery---two weeks ago she wasn’t keeping any food or drink down---and the doctors don’t know why. The admitted her to the hospital and ran tests and came up with the fact that she may be reacting to all the medication she’s on. Oh….and to back this story up….the week after she had the knee replaced, she ended up having to have the incision re-opened and debrieded---she had a staph infection.

So, here she is, 85, having 2 surgeries back to back, and reacting to her medication PLUS plugging away at her re-hab---she’s quite weak. She finally started eating on Sunday (this past Sunday) she said.

With Son #1’s girlfriend having a stomach bug, we’ve been fearful if HE comes down with it that we’d take it to Des Moines with us. We’ve been on guard, waiting to see if he gets what SHE has. I went ahead and made hotel (Motel?) reservations. We picked a place that will allow pets so we could take Dex –and show him off, and not board him. He’s such a sweet baby puppy----and he needs socialization. He’s doing GREAT on his housetraining, so we thought this trip would be FABULOUS for him.

Anyway---yesterday my nose was drippy all day—this isn’t unusual. I have pretty terrible hay fever type allergies, so my nose almost ALWAYS runs. I got home and had more than normal head congestion. I called my Mom to visit with her, and she immediately noticed my lovely nasal sounding voice. I was still hoping it would be allergies, but overnight it appears it isn’t. I have a standard head cold. It isn’t bad---but the fear of giving grandma ANY type of illness is so great. If she’d get a cold or a stomach bug or something, it could be DEVASTATING for her in her present state of health. I went to the doctor for routine bloodwork (cholesterol, etc), and asked for a flu shot. They took one look at my runny nose and congested voice and said ‘nope’ not til you are over your cold. I said…’what if it’s allergies??” And she wouldn’t give in.

So, we aren’t going to Des Moines. I feel almost like a failure----We didn’t go last year due to a bizarre weather pattern that lasted all of 10 hours or something, but prevented us from travelling. I’m worried they’ll think I’m fabricating excuses!! But, mostly I miss my grandma and mom. I was looking forward to their cooking and being with them.

I’m at work, and at times I think ‘hey….maybe I’m better….maybe it IS allergies’, then another round of sneezing starts, and the waterworks go in full force. I have a headache and am tired, so I assume it’s a cold. Although, I’ll never be certain….but rather than chance giving something to Grandma, I’ll just wait.

So, now I’m at work, and have to shop for stuff for some semblance of a dinner tomorrow.

Toodles for now. Take a moment and feel sorry for me. THEN be thankful for whatever you are thankful for.


Daisee579 said...

Awww, Shells!! (that's my stalker name for you for now) I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Last year's holiday plans for me got canned when I had to have a lumbar puncture and ended up with a massive headache that could only be resolved by laying flat. So frustrating. I missed a big family reunion and my family doesn't do those sorts of things. I hate it that you can't go see your family now :( I'm sure your grandma and mom appreciate your sensitivity by not coming while you're sick. I hope you feel better and that you and your family have a nice day off tomorrow!!

Kristen said...

I always have that problem too. Is it an allergy, is it a cold, is it cancer?

I never know what the hell I'm sick with either.

I hope your thanksgiving was wonderful!!!

Perfectly Shelly said...

Daisee--you can call me Shells...I like it. Jakki, my BFF, calls me that sometimes.

Kristen. Yeah, I hate the Cancer worry.

Kate said...

My grandma's in Des Moines also. And I miss her horrible.