Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Thanksgiving!

We had Thanksgiving at Perfectly's Dad's Sunday. It was very nice. Stressful at moments, but overall, very nice. Dad tends to get.....well.....TENSE when there are lots of people around to impress. I took 3 bottles of wine to help alleviate the tension (except Perfectly's dad really doesn't drink), and lo and behold the In-Laws brought another 3 bottles! Oh.....who all was there? It was quite a party!!

Me, Mr. P, Son #1 and his new girlfriend, son #2 and Girlfriend, Heather, Maddie, my brother, my in-laws, Teenie and HER son#2. Did I forget anyone? was all the 'family'.

As mentioned before, we have quite a small family---and to me it's so nice to be able to include in-laws, and BFF's in the mix.........

My goal was to arrive at 9:30 am to start the "Jessie Rolls". My great aunt Jessie made the very best yeast rolls we've ever eaten. I, of course, never KNEW that maybe I'd NEED her secret info someday. You KNOW....she was going to make Jessie Rolls FOREVER. But, my impatient self never paid Aunt Jessie much attention when she MADE the now trying to re-create them is nearly impossible. They weren't so good. A little heavy and overcooked.

But anyway, I didn't get there til 10 am....and Heather, who was my trusty helper didn't get there til maybe 10:15 am. We whipped up the beginnings of the yeast dough.....and Perfectly's dad had his 'list' to make sure the timing of everything was just right. IT'S A THANKSGIVING MEAL PEOPLE! Of COURSE it isn't going to come out all on time....just right. It's a Holiday RULE........unless you are Martha Stewart or something.

So, what were the highlights? Hmmmm.......there are so MANY.

Rolls were not that fabulous.

Mother-in-law drank probably 3 glasses of wine BEFORE dinner....and had nothing else to eat in the day.

Stuffing was far to peppery (Perfectly's dad's fault)

Ham was okay, but not fabulous. We bought a different brand. Lesson Learned.

It was pointed out to the entire table that I was the ONLY one who voted for OBAMA. (how do they know? huh? for real...)

Father in law was griping about 'where are all the CHANGES he promised'? WTF? HE ISN'T EVEN IN OFFICE YET.....DUHHHHH......AND HE'S BEEN ELECTED FOR ALL OF WHAT.....3 WEEKS?

Son #1's girlfriend ended up having a stomach virus and throwing up in Mr. P's car on the way home (poor kid...I feel bad for her...and son #1.....)

Father-in-law pulled his gun out at the dinner show it off. We had quite the discussion of the guns they own and how both he and she have conceal and carry permits. Hey Teenie and her son #2...WELCOME TO THE FAM! See the guns?

Mother in law was flushed and drowsy at dinner. Go figure. Let's hope SHE wasn't packing.

GOOD TIMES!!!! I bet you ALL want to come to the next event! I'll get with you with times and dates. See you THEN!!


Daisee579 said...

Sounds like you had a great time. LOL Guns, puking, and family. I love it! My family is a bit overwhelming (there's 5 kids plus parents). Three of us are married and our spouses sometimes need a break from the festivities. Growing up with the crazy, it's hard to understand an outsider's view that not everyone is crazy.

Will you do anything on Thursday or just relax and watch the Macy's parade?

Perfectly Shelly said...

Oh, rest for the weary. We'll be travelling to Des Moines Ia to see the MATERNAL family---who's not as nutty---

THAT IS....if nobody catches the grandma has had a knee replacement and a very difficult recovery and could NOT afford to be exposed to are waiting on pins and needles to see if anyone in MY house ends up sick.

Otherwise, the 4 of us and the baby puppy will head to Des moines and do the BLACK FRIDAY shopping madness up there.

My dad will look after the beastie boys (the two other dogs)........

Kristen said...


I'm usually the one who drinks 3 glasses of wine before dinner...

Daisee579 said...

not that she'll see it unless she comes back, but I totally volunteer to drink Crissy's three glasses of wine for her in addition to my own allotment. It will be hard, but during these hard times, we all must be willing to sacrafice and chip in when we can.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Crissy--if you were old and craggly like me with teenagers already---then maybe you WOULD be able to drink that wine before/during/after dinner.

But, since instead you are young, and knocked up........TOO BAD FOR YOU!!! MORE WINE FOR ME AND DAISEE!!!!

(p.s. since I'm old and craggly and NOT knocked up---it's easy for me to say this, glass of wine won't hurt baby...or momma for that matter.......just sayin. Now all the baby mama's that are perfect will be after me for suggesting such a substance cross your lips and enter womb......pshaw..have a glass. In the name of the holidays!!!!!)'ll have to FIGHT me (girl style--air slapping and all) for those glasses of maternal family doesn't drink, so it'll have to be all on the sly........

stoogepie said...

Did you drink all that wine? Are you sure that Son #1's girlfriend got a stomach virus and didn't just finish a couple of bottles of wine herself?

Also, why does his new girlfriend getting pukey make you feel bad for Son #1? Is it because he won't be getting any? Because I really can't think of any other reason to feel bad for him in that situation. Although, you know, my empathy imagination does not run all wild like some people's.

Do hams have brand names? But they are pig butts! I, too, have learned many lessons about which butts to bring home and which are better left untouched. Tragic. All butts should have brand names. It would make things so much easier.

Hey, where are all those changes Obama promised? Huh? I mean, he picked a new secretary of this and that but he hasn't even switched presidents yet! Why did YOU elect that dude, anyways?

Guns are a euphemism, right? Or do you mean the metal thingys? I must admit that guns just fascinate me. It's a boy thing. They go boom. I mean both the metal thingys and the other kind, too.

The Macy's parade happens here and I hate it. Every year I tell myself that I will practice my archery during the parade, but then I forget to buy whatever it is one needs to practice archery and I go shopping for butts instead. This weekend is like the biggest butt-shopping weekend of the year. Or something.

What were we talking about again?

Perfectly Shelly said... many QUESTIONS....

Yes, son #1's GF has a stomach virus. Has been sick for 2 days---I felt bad for son #1 becasuse he was DRIVING her in Mr. P's car when she hurled. On his coat, the car and herself. He helped in the cleanup, which couldn't have been fun, and nothing says 'love' like 'hey--you watched me VOMIT that one night....remember? Such good memories"

Hams have MANY brand names. Dad always ALWAYS buys COOKS brand ham....but he didn't want to chase one down when Wal-Mart didn't have it, so we bought a Smithfield......and it was okay, but not as good as usual. feel my pain.

Guns--NOT A EUPHEMISM. A real metal thingy---Oy.

I'd like to be at the Macy's parade. Except I can't stand the crowds at our po dunk parade...I can't even imagine the Macy's parade. I'd need to be special in one of those booths. You can hook me up, can't you Stoogie?