Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's official....I'm old

Why am I old? here are a few reasons:

1. I'm going to bed earlier and earlier
2. I hear my mother's voice when I speak
3. I wear nightgowns. Not cute sassy PJ's but a NIGHTGOWN. From JCPenney, no less. To top it off, I've been known, of late, to come home and immediately put the nightgown on......and stay in it all evening.
4. Cleaning out 2 cabinets made me happy
5. I'm looking FORWARD to cooking and stuff for Thanksgiving!
6. I bemoan the youth of today.

Maybe it's the time change, and it's dark early. I dont' know, but I'm not liking it.

Send some Geritol and incontinence pads my way for Christmas. Looks like I'll be needing them.


Bee said...

Crap. I do all that and I am only 30! (I mean...I am not too fond of cleaning cabinets but once I get into and do it I am pretty darn please with myself!)

stoogepie said...

That's not old. That sounds a little like bored to me. Except for the part about the nightgown. You need to nip that shit in the bud.

But we all hear your mother's voice all the time. All. The. Time.

You don't even know what old is. Old is when you pay for everything with exact change and don't even begin to count out that exact change until after the cashier tells you how much you owe and then complain about how much it costs for five minutes. Old is when, in the middle of counting out the exact change you stop, hand the cashier a brown coin, and ask him or her, "is that a dime or a penny?" When the casier says, "penny," and gives you the coin back, that starts the whole process over again, beginning with, "how much do I owe you again?"

That's old. You're not there yet.

Kate said...

I stand firm against the nightgowns. I know I'm getting old, but I will not ever wear a nightgown.

I was the problem patient when I was in the hospital. I refused the gown. Sent in Nurse Ratchet and everything, but I held firm. No gowns.

But I go to bed at like nine.


Daisee579 said...

Ugh, we go to bed super early these days too. I remember complaining to my parents about my 9pm bedtime. Now that's about when we go. Of course, we get up around 4am (UGH!!???). But I'm excited about a staycation where all I do is clean out my kitchen and cook homey food and stuff.

(And I just turned 32. No kids, just pets. Been married just shy of 4 years. No reason to act all old lady, motherly, etc.!!)