Friday, November 21, 2008

Wasting away FOR Margaritaville

It's Friday FAVORITE night......and what am I doing? Sitting at the computer, blogging, having my dogs stare at me.

I am really WISHING that you all LIVED here so we could go out for Margaritas. The JUMBO one for $6.95 (that's 26 oz of Margarita fun). Teenie is a. busy b. ignoring me or c. doesnt' have her phone plugged in/on/with her. I'm guessing busy, but fearful she's ignoring my stalkerish 3 calls in an hour. I stalk then fret. Stalk then worry. Sorry MelissaLion and Crissy--I don't fit the sociopathic stereotype of stalkers that don't care about their stalkeree's feelings. I do care, I just can't always help myself.

Hey....that reminds me. For those of you whom I'm already stalking (MelissaLion and Crissy) and for those that may want me to stalk you (anyone? Anyone? Bueller?), I NEED YOUR CONTACT INFO!! That's all existing phone numbers (home, work, cell, spouse/sig. other, etc), addresses and all e-mail addresses. HOW CAN I CALL YOU 3X IN ONE HOUR TO SEE IF YOU WANT VIRTUAL MARGARITAS unless I know how to contact you all!!????

Oh, and DAISEE---YOU CAME BACK!!! I got your comments yesterday, but due to stressful work and home circumstances, I didn't really respond. I took an anti-anxiety pill and went to bed at 8:30 pm.

I was WORRIED that maybe I wasn't WORTHY of being stalked by one so cute and fun!!! But you came back...I was SO happy.

And Stoogie. I am worried. I'm worried that you tire of me, since all the OTHER blogger girls talk about sex toys and their va-jay-jays....and all I ever reference is my boobs. COME BACK TO ME, STOOGIE!! come back.

Mr. Perfectly is out and about to Blue Springs today. Our high school football team is IN THE SEMI-FINALS!!! Can you say WOOOOTTTTT?? Son #2 is a freshman, but he's dressing out and will be on the sidelines with the rest of the team. He won't play, but if we win....we'll go on to the championships in St. Louis the week of Turkey Day. He'll get to go and dress out for that too. If we make it. Keep your fingers crossed and talk to the Football gods......

Okay, back to me. Today is Heather's birthday, and SHE'S going to have a big ole margarita with me. Or maybe I should say I'm going with her for a celebratory birthday dinner (and a JUMBO Margarita!!!).

I hate not having a huge pool of stalkeree's to choose from when my BFF's aren't available. It sucks. I wish I was like Jakki and had people waiting in LINE to be in her presence. I worry that people dont' like me and I dont' know...I just get weird.

I AM however, planning on taking the camera to record some of my beautiful niece's 23rd birthday AND MY JUMBO MARGARITA. And if Perfectly's dad comes, maybe him too. (he's Heather's grandpa!!)

Oh, and I'm just kidding about the wasting away stuff. I've got alot of poundage to go before one could say I'm even CLOSE to wasting away. It just made a fun blog title. It's all about you, internet......I try to please.


Dingo said...

I'm afraid that stalking me would be rather boring. Actually, I think it would be kinda fun to stalk you stalking other people! But you're going to have to do more than sit at the computer with your dogs staring at you. I already do that. A stalking road trip, maybe?

stoogepie said...

I never tire of you!

So, what happened with Teenie? Did you wind up getting wasted with her? You got wasted with Heather anyways, right?

What are the stressful home and work circumstances? Is it just the championship and the tight stalking schedule? Or is there more?

Woot woot!! Go Jays!

Where are the pictures?

Daisee579 said...

Awww, I'm so touched. I've been mentioned in a BLOG!! A real live BLOG!! With words and commented on by the cool people and stuff. I just wish I had words to express my sheer and utter joy at being mentioned in your blog - and for being recognized as a stalker :)

I'm sorry I was away. Work people keep expecting me to work while on the clock. I really should just read blogs at home, but then there's no secret fun in that. I'm glad you missed me!

And if I lived in your area, I'd have totally had a margarita with you. Where I live in Podunk, MS, there's not too many folks cool enough to hang out with me on margarita night!