Monday, November 3, 2008


I had a really scary dream. My Ghost Hunters obsession sometimes makes me wonder if I am inviting spirits into my life, you know? I really don’t believe in that stuff, but still, sometimes I wonder.

Like the time I’d watched Ghost Hunters and I dreamed that my BFF Teenie and one of the gay guys from one of the Big Brother shows were demons in my car baring their teeth at me. I stopped Ghost Hunters COLD TURKEY for several weeks after that crazy dream.

Well, yesterday, I watched the last half of Paranormal State. I don’t enjoy this show. There’s a lot of religion, cross kissing, and refusal to mention some name of some demon for fear we’ll all have it invade us…….but I was bored, and the title of the show sounded interesting, and I was tired of watching years old re-runs of Cold Case files. I turned it and it was some 26 year old girl that was (sigh) possessed and needed an exorcism (or deliverance, as the Paranormal State people called it). There was a Priest, and again, lots of cross kissing, and holy water and demon removal. It was all a bit silly, and I caught myself rolling my eyes at the tee-vee---even though I was all by myself at my house.

Well, people, the time change screws with my brain, so I went to bed at 8 pm (even though it was really 9 pm before daylight savings time ended). I was embarrassed by going to bed so early, so I turned on Iron Chef in the bedroom, and promptly fell asleep….before I could see what fascinating things they did with ham.

Well, let me tell you what. I dreamed I was DEAD and trying to get into peoples bodies so I could LIVE still. I was so scared of being dead and of taking people over and what not, that I woke up with a START to hear Mr. Perfectly coming down the hall. I figured he was turning off lights to come to bed, but as I called out to him to tell him I was terrified by this dream that I couldn’t really remember or understand he was by the bed asking if I was okay……apparently I’d been screaming in my sleep. He was coming to CHECK ON ME (isn’t he sweet). People, I’ve talked in my sleep, and even WALKED in my sleep, but I don’t think I’d ever screamed out loud in my sleep.

So, do I give up drunken Ghost Hunters Wednesdays? Or was it a stupid fluke…or was it the demons coming to get me for rolling my eyes at them during Paranormal State?

Oh, another thing that may have contributed to my nocturnal screaming? Yeah….Sarah Palin is coming to my city. Today. At noon. She’ll be a block (or less) away from my office. NOW, THAT IS WHAT I CALL SCARY, PEOPLE!!! Mr. Perfectly is there right now…..4 and a half hours early to get photos. I guess Hank Williams, Jr. is slated to perform too. **sigh**

Mr. P loves the campaign trail when all the candidates come to our city (or close to it). He loves the photo ops. He visited Joe Biden in Columbia, Mo shortly after he was chosen as the Democratic VP pick…..he made quite the embarrassing gaffe (Biden, not Mr. P). Apparently, as he was enthusiastically introducing prominent Democratic political figures at the beginning of his speech (duh, we live in the Capital of Missouri….there’s lots of political types to be had around here), Biden was calling out his Democratic ‘buddies’ and asking each of them to stand, when he called on one well known local politician…..he yelled “come on *&$@! STAND UP!!”…Well, this particular senator is confined to a wheelchair. WHOOPSIE!! Despite my political preferences, I must say that this embarrassed me….come on folks…..get with the PROGRAM and at least have your aides give you the rundown on the local important people!!

But anyway, I really have been stressed at her visit today. She’s not exactly my kind of gal (sorry…I try to be PC, because I am a state Government employee), but I’d really prefer not to have the town all in an uproar over this. Sigh.

Let’s just vote and get on with it and let her leave the spotlight for GOOD is what I say. (shhhhh..I’m not supposed to voice an opinon publicly!!)

I fixed my hair differently today…..I left it curly (as usual), but straightened my bangs and pushed them over to the left (see, even my BANGS get it right)………I’m trying so hard to get away from my 80’s curled ‘roll’ of bangs on my forehead. I have no talent at all in hair styling, so I never know what to do. I bought a flat iron over the weekend and am experimenting.

Well, I need to stop blogging and start working……’s kind of the rule when one is employed, you know?

See you all later!!!


Kristen said...

I think Ghost Hunters should come and do an EMF reading and an EVP on Palin.

Just sayin.

Kate said...

I can't watch scary things. Even Iron Man gave me nightmares. Phht. I'm no fun at all.

Dingo said...

You have a new camera and there's no pic of your hair? What's up with that? You can't tell me that Mr. P took it to take pics of Palin. Puh-lease!

As for the nightmares, maybe you should get a cross and some holy water just in case those things come through the TV for you. Just sayin'.