Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I ran late this morning, so I had to go after work. I made it to my polling place at about 3:45 pm, and I was voter # 1096 at that location. Is this good? Is it a higher turnout? Mr. Perfectly was on time, and went before 7 am this morning and was in the 160's.

Work was tough today. I don't discuss politics at work. Except with Jakki. As it turns out we lean the same direction, but with her (as it should be with a BFF), I'm allowed to have my OWN opinion without ruffling her feathers. We whisper our thoughts, because we work for a Republican administration, and regardless, it just isn't good to try to talk with every one because not everyone is open to others having a differing or contradicting opinion. Working for State Government and talking politics just doesn't make for good bed fellows. Even if the party I agree with is in office (which it isn't currently).

The ignorance seemed to be running rampant today. I heard MORE THAN ONCE today that Sarah Palin is 'really skinny' and that her thighs 'are about THIS big (makes circle with fingers)'. As if thigh size makes for a good VP....how do you TELL people that appearance isn't what matters? It was distressing.

There were lots of proud 'I VOTED' stickers being displayed, and lots of bemoaning the lack of ability to vote a straight party ticket. **sigh* Also lots of discussion about how different people would be ABLE to mark those republican canididates with no problem.

Oh well, enough kvetching. I am PROUD to live in a country where people are ALLOWED to have an opinion, and ALLOWED to have a choice. That should be the resounding sound....not bitching over people's failure to pay attention.

Our neighbor seems to have left his garage door open. Wide open. He just moved in maybe 6 weeks ago, and although he's quite nice, I don't know his name. He also doesn't seem to stay there often....I don't know if he travels alot or if he is just flipping the house. I am not one to get all up into people's kool aid without knowing the flavor (just for you, Jak), so I was in a connundrum as to what to do.

I finally called the police....told them that they guy didn't appear to be home, that his garage was wide open, and what does one do? The lady on the phone just said she'd send someone out. I mean, it has an opener, I COULD go shut it, but what if he wants it open and I've invaded his space? It's just sort of weird.......and I'm reminded of the CB's of the 70's......will some electronic device raise a garage door? Maybe he DID shut it!!

I will be on pins and needles tonight, Internet. The DEMS MUST pull this one out.......

Toodles for now.

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Kristen said...

One of my favorite co-workers is totally anti-Obama and it drives me insane.

Should I slap her?


Should I tie her up and stuff her under my desk?