Monday, May 12, 2008

A whole bunch of NUTTIN.

At work today, I put a bunch of things I wanted to blog about on sticky notes. Because, **sigh** when at work, I'm supposed to work and not blog.

So, y'all are in for another Monday Musings....I guess...I'll briefly (*snort* if I am ever brief) go over the stuff I wanted to talk about.

I had a perfect Mother's day. Son #2 made me breakfast to order. I ate toast, cookie crisp cereal and coffee. Jamaica me CRAZY flavor coffee. MMMM. He made the coffee and toast all by himself (after getting coffee instructions from Mr. Perfectly). He was very proud that he figured that he could MELT the butter first in the microwave to make smoother spreading. Mr. Perfectly made dinner, which was great. I also had Peach Martini's which were potent little suckers. But oh so yummy.

I switched to A & W diet root beer when I began using my dog, Buster's paws and legs like Jeff Probst starting a 'Survivor' challenge; "READY???? GO!"

Speaking of 'Survivor', I was a little peeved that Parvati won. I like Amanda, and sort of wanted her or Cirie to win. Parvati think's she's a little 'all that' and she's cute and all, but.........nah...too transparent. And Ozzy declared his love for Amanda.....too sweet (I'm a sucker for reality tv romance). And James? Let some poor grieving woman take pictures of his ABS......(sure she was grieving.......)

On Saturday night (I'm regressing, here), we ate fresh MOREL mushrooms. OMG. OMG. Seriously....OMG. We also had home-made creme brulee......again OMG, but not as OMG as the mushrooms.

I'm returning the razor today. I just can't see spending $20 for a razor that doesn't have any way to LOCK the eyebrow guard. The only attachment I like is the one that is like the little pen razors, so I'll take this one back, and just get the little one. Teenie said I should shave my arms. I'm fair skinned and have fair arm hair, but it's longer than alot of other girls, and she suggested I shave it off......I really don't want to deal with arm stubble, you know? She says it won't be stubbly, but I think it will. Last night, I gave the new razor one last hurrah, and shaved a LITTLE bit of my forearm. As predicted, I felt a little stubble. I just left it alone, and when driving to work this morning, in the sunlight, boy you could see the shaved area. Tee can't see it in regular light, but it was funny to see my bald wrist.

I know I spend an inordinate amount of time discussing my body hair. Sorry, but it's something that I really don't like, yet I'm not willing to deal with (i.e waxing, shaving, etc...) so until there's a good solution, I'll just complain.

I ate 'Kashi Vive PROBIOTIC' cereal this morning. I mixed it w/ yogurt. We'll see how it affects my digestion----I like Kashi...It can be a little bland, but I don't mind makes me feel healthier later in the day when eating all the REALLY bad stuff.

And while I appreciate good oral hygiene as much as the next person, I do NOT enjoy being in a public bathroom with someone brushing their teeth. I am skeeved to the MAX with spit, spittle, and drool. I don't deal well with the mouth. Spit, loose and removed teeth.....I just...well.....shudder. I have a RULE not to brush the teeth anywhere but the bathroom. Sometimes, with one bath it gets hectic around here, and the boys (including Mr. Perfectly) want to just brush and SPIT in the kitchen. NO WAY......that's too much for poor mom to deal with. Now what they do that I don't know about...well.....I can't think about that either. And seeing as I have public restroom issues as well as spit issues, the two to me don't mix. So, lady that was standing next to me this afternoon brushing her teeth? EWWWW. Couldn't you have WAITED til I left?

I keep floss at my desk for popcorn stuck painfully between teeth, or that pesky piece of spinach? But that can be done unobtrusively, and privately....whereas brushing cannot.

Lastly, either I'm losing my ever loving MIND or people cannot speak. I would SWEAR that today on the phone someone offered to give me their 'defecation number'. Now I assume they said or meant IDENTIFICATION number, but I know what I heard. And last I knew, defecation was NUMBER TWO.

Oh, more thing. A couple of weeks ago, I posed the question about larger people and shorts. What about larger people and the fake spray on tans? That would mean that I'd have to be in a booth with a probable Beautiful Person baring either my nude self or bathing suit attired self (neither of which is pretty). But since I don't tan or want to tan, I thought a light golden FAKE tan may be fun.....but is it too much to ask of people to spray a not so hottie? I'm being serious folks....Like if I was a massage therapist, a hairy back would probably bother would it bother the tanning folks if a large person wanted a tan?


Whiskeymarie said...

1) I totally shave my arms. I can't remember when I started, but I HATE arm hair and am unwilling to go in and get it waxed, so Nair & the razor for me...

2) All of the Kashi cereals give me horrible gas-bloating. Horrible. But I still occasionally eat the Kashi Go Lean Crunch with yogurt cause I love it.

3) I can see needing to brush your teeth during the day, away from home- but please, do it when no one's around. Gross.

Kristen said...

Why wouldn't your arms get stubbly?

And you should absolutely get a spray tan if you want one. Who cares what the sprayer thinks? Your money is just as good as some little 18 year old with a size 0 ass.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Whiskey-how often do you shave? What about stubble? Do tell

Kristen-my BFF says her's doesn't stubble---but that doesn't make sense unless she's wayyyy less hairy than she's letting on. I'm investigating. ;)

Lynne said...

Hair removal is a full time job! Fortunately, the older you get, the less places you need to shave. Correction... the places just change, I mean, you lose armpit hair but gain a mustache. I NAIR my arm hair and shave everywhere else. Well, not my mustache, that I wax. It sucks and it never ends!