Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Well, the spray tan 'fix' wasn't all it cracked up to be. She did fine on my arms, but the legs? Pretty blotchy still. I don't have any 'before' and 'after' photos, so suffice it to say, I won't be spray tanning again....in a booth or by a person.

The person that did my 'correction' spray tan is Son #1's best friends' mother, whom I'd not met before. "Hi, nice to meet you........now I'm getting NAKED so you can spray me." Awkward!! That coupled with my self image issues and gargantuan breasts...well, let's say, any and all small talk was just weird. If I ever see this person in a social situation I'll have to remember her asking me to lift my breasts for a spray.....**yeah**.

We travelled to Bethany (Martinsville, to be exact) Mo to see the grave sites of my Grandma Winnie, that just passed a year ago in January (2007), and my great aunt/uncle. I'm not a fan of grave site visiting. It seems so sad and morbid, but my grandma did it, and this a way to keep our family meeting up. We are very small, and Grandma was our anchor. This is a great way to have the family meet in a central location to have our memories. Luckily, we aren't a weepy bunch. I just wouldn't know how to act if everyone stood around crying. It was a COLD day---so my cute shirt and bermuda-ish shorts (which were at least a size too big) were covered by an UGLY jacket that I threw in the car at the last minute. My cousin's daughter placed flowers at individual grave sites--she's 5 and beautiful. She put a flower in her hair and proceeded to place flowers where she was told to. She placed each stem down into the ground.....it was very sweet.

Here's a large portion of the family:

We all ate at the Toot Toot restaurant in Bethany for lunch--they have a huge buffet available. With good desserts. MMMMMM

The cute cousins were cute as ever. I always enjoy seeing them, although I tend to feel like I chase after them "Oh...Oh....play with me...PLEEEEZZZZEEEE". We went to Kansas City, Kansas to one of their homes and had a surprise birthday party for my Uncle. It was alot of fun, and consisted of Clown Noses and his own 'big boy chair' which he'd apparently requested (his two granddaughters have personalized chairs....now he's got one too....he says they are identical triplets).

It wasn't a very cute day....the wind was high and the humidity was abundant...therefore my curly hair frizzed.....but we took pictures anyway---here's the cute cousins and me...I'm in the middle......

Here we are following Mr. Perfectly's instructions to POSE:

It was an awesome day, and although it began cold and windy, it was GORGEOUS later in the day, so we couldn't have asked for more, I suppose.

How was YOUR holiday? Can't wait to hear what you all did!!


Kristen said...

Your outfit is completely adorable and I think you are too.

I'm glad you had a nice weeked. Mine was sooo busy I needed to come back to work to rest!

Lynne said...

I agree with Kristen; you chose your outfit wisely! As you know I cleaned and had a yard sale. Nothing exciting. The weather was great though!

Whiskeymarie said...

I gardened, and ate. That's pretty much it.

Cute necklace!

Perfectly Shelly said...

Kristen & Lynne--Thank You!!

Whiskey-Kohl's. On sale!!