Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I'm taking liberty with an idea that began with Lawyerish. She wanted to discuss the 'things' we didn't like about ourselves physically. Since I've been on a major downer about my physical 'things', I thought I'd change it up a bit.....and be a downer about EMOTIONAL 'things'.

What are 'things'? Things we don't particularly care for in ourselves...or that we percieve OTHERS not liking in us. We've all got them. And as Lawyerish pointed out so poignantly, I would probably NEVER notice your 'thing'--we are pretty wrapped up in our own 'things' and we worry that our 'things' are like NEON signs on our forehead announcing our so-called downfalls to everyone that bothers to look our way.

So, what are my 'things'? I've got alot, but I'll try to pare it down so I don't scare people off as being wayyyy too needy (um, if I haven't already, that is). I feel that I am too 'earnest' in wanting to be friends. I feel like sometimes I deserve to be given special treatment....just because. I feel like people don't like me right away. I feel like I slack (and try to hide it) alot when I shouldn't. I talk too much. I worry about things I can't control (that's a biggie).

**DEEEEPP CLEANSING BREATH*** Now, doesn't that feel better? (nervous giggle) not really---Mr. Perfectly and Perfectly's Dad think I reveal too much. That I should keep EVERYTHING close to the vest. That NOTHING should be shared. I miss the carefree me that can chat it up with anyone and not WORRY what everyone thinks. I'm getting over that some....not much, but some. I really like that part of me, so I'm working on getting some of her back.

So, what are YOUR 'things'? Please share. That way, maybe I won't think MY 'things' are so creepy!

Thank L-ish for the idea. I think it's cool!


Lawyerish said...

Thanks for the linkage! Also, I have to give origination credit to Emily for introducing us all to the Thing concept:


To your question:

I definitely have an emotional Thing surrounding friendship -- I always think I want to be friends more than the other person does, so I am always afraid I'm being overbearing or the other person is wishing I would go away or some such thing.

I also have a weird insecurity surrounding email, which is that I get paranoid that I've offended someone if I don't hear from them in a certain, undefined period of time.

And I HATE the phone. I HATE IT. I stammer and sound stupid and horrible, and it's just awful.

Kristen said...

Um. I liked you right away. So that "thing" is bullshit and you can get rid of it.

My biggest thing is that I'm terrified of people and I feel like they don't like me or they think I'm dumb or weird and stuff.

Oh, and Lawyerish- I get the same way about email and it's just so silly! Not everyone checks email as obsessively as I do. Wait. I just discovered another thing.

Obsessive email checking.

I'm a mess!

Perfectly Shelly said...

layerish--Wouldn't it be NICE if everyone would just let loose and be all lovey dovey and want to be friends with everyone on the OUTSIDE as much as we do on the inside so we could not all FEEL this way? I think we'd be good friends!! Except that I love to chat on the phone, and my fridge is stuffed to the gills w/ condiments and leftovers, and that may make you want to run FAR from me!!! But I am awesome at answering e-mails, so we'd be good!!

Kristen---DITTO...I liked you immediately, so forget YOUR thing, too. You are cute and HYSTERICAL. You write so well, and I wish I was where YOU are so we could have a cosmo and watch the hot boys next door to you! Only for a little while though.....you know to keep a sense of propriety and all. (GAWD, I feel ugly saying that since my sons are 'hot' teenagers.)

My Life My Life My Life said...

hmmm one of my things would be I appear pretty cold or standoffish when in reality I'm pretty goofy...

I'm not very good with feelings and being emotional and I wish I could express those things better...

And lastly I hate the EMOTIONAL baggage my very PHYSICAL stomach roll gives me...

Lynne said...

Obsessive worrying is my biggest "thing". I create scenarios in my head and work myself into a panic. Most of the time my worries don't come true.

Whiskeymarie said...

My "things"

*I put up huge walls around myself sometimes. Not out of fear of being rejected, but mostly just because I like/need to let people in on MY terms.
*Control freak much? Um yes.
*I put off "fiercely independent" which is true, but sometimes I really just want to blend into the background and be taken care of.
*I cannot make small talk. With anyone. It's painful to watch, trust me.
*I have the e-mail affliction as well. Perhaps we all can take an antibiotic or something.

Fell better about your "stuff" now?