Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What I wanted

On my quest for something cute to wear on Memorial Day weekend, Teenie and I went shopping. She TOTALLY vetoed my 'shirt' choice. Said it was 'too 70's'. And there was some debate as to whether or not it is a SHIRT or a DRESS.

I love the brown/green/turquoise shirt I bought. I really do, but I still think about THIS all the time. With some dark brown leggings? Or with cute capri jeans like SHE has on? Oh, by the way, it's the orange/multi 'tunic'.

The sales clerk informed me that it looked 'really cute on the hanger', but you have to be like '5'9" or something' to actually pull off the 'look'. I'm only 5'3"---barely......

I need your opinion internet.....shun ALL fashion advice from my BFF and a teenage (okay, maybe 20) store clerk? Or go with my heart and buy a very loud, very ORANGE tunic/dress/shirt with LEGGINGS on my rather ample legs? Short legs.

On another, related note, this model is NOT a plus sized model. It irks me that they use people that are normal sized as a representation of the 'plus size'. It's time to get some real life larger people in these photos. Ones with rolls, and that are truly PLUS sized....that way we can SEE what the clothing looks like on someone other than a perfect size....oh, let's say 8? They need a cross section of those people who are large all over...height, weight, bone structure, and those that are short/heavy/small bone structure (like me).... that way I could SEE what somebody similar to ME looks like in this tunic/dress thingy.

Have a good Wednesday

It's TEENIE'S BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday!


Kristen said...

You know what's so funny?

As soon as I clicked on the picture I said to myself "that's not a plus size model. What is she a size 8?"

And then you said it too. It's like we have the same brain.

I think that if you love that top then you should buy it. If it makes you feel happy and hip to wear it then it should be yours. And remember, a cute necklace and/or earrings and/or HANDBAG can make the whole outfit.

Lynne said...

I agree; if you like it and feel good in it - wear it!

Perfectly Shelly said...

Kristen & Lynne---Ok, I appreciate your noncommittal answers. Since I'm not hearing squeals of "oh, it's SOOOOO CUTE', maybe I ought to re-think my passion for very bright clothing? And leggings?

Kristen, we DO have the same brain..the vampires let us share.

Also, you ladies live in a more progressive area than Ole' Mid's been suggested that MAYBE the long dress/tunic and leggings look is WAYYYY out in other hip parts of the country.....and is just making it's way here to the corn belt.


John said...

what would clinton and stacy say...?

Kristen said...

Okay, let me clarify my answer with more details.

I do think it was cute! Very cute in fact and I love the idea of it with the leggings.

I just forgot to say it because the bigger question was should I buy it or not?

So my answer is yes it's cute and yes get it.