Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm sick of peeing.

Seriously. I need some practical advice. First of all, I'm sick. I don't do well in the role of sick. Nobody feels BAD enough for me. Everyone else seems to think that all my moaning and carrying on is ANNOYING. Huh. Imagine that. Personally, I think the attention needs to be focused on ME and MY needs.

My point in all of this is that I have a theory. I theorize that I pee far, FAR more when I'm sick. I'm not a pee-er. Some women go ALL THE TIME. There are full days at work that I don't ENTER our bathroom. Jakki yells at me when this happens, and I'm giving you all this UNWANTED information to illustrate my point. I've been in the bathroom to pee 4 TIMES in the last 2 hours. And it's not a gentle tinkle, either. I HAVE TO PEEEEEE. As a matter of fact, it's been 20 minutes and I have to go again.

I'm not drinking any more or doing anything unusual (except sleeping through 'A Baby Story'). I have a sore throat and a cold--I think. I started the pee-athon on
Tuesday (maybe even Monday night--I can't remember). I wondered if I was sick because I've been peeing 2-3 times a day at work and several times of an evening. But I felt fine. Then yesterday, my throat hurt, and as the day progressed, the BLAH got worse. I got up today and went to work, and like the WUSS I am, I left at 9:30.

This takes me back to my theory. I think my body responds to illness by PEEING. Trying to CLEANSE itself of the unwanted I crazy? I take B vitamins and Folic Acid for a blood clotting issue (another post), therefore, my pee is usually really yellow because of the color of the vitamins (thank you vitamin company for not making the tablets purple or something). But when I am like THIS and peeing every half hour, it eventually is all the bad colors from the vitamins are gone, and now the body is working on the SORE THROAT.

Does anyone ELSE do this? Am I nuts? Is my theory logical?

Well, off to the loo, and back to my blanket.

p.s. I want to take Zyrtec to try to re-create the sleep-athon of a month ago, but I'm afraid to...what if my kids need me? What if I can't function? While this SEEMS lovely at the moment.....picking up my 14 yr old in a comotose state doesn't seem like the wisest choice.

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christina said...

i have no theories, but just thought you should know that i pee every 45 minutes rain or shine.