Thursday, May 8, 2008

Before and After

Well, they eyebrow fix isn't as perfect as I'd hoped. It, however, is better. My other eyebrow sort of matches now, too. I'm posting before and after photos. Please take note in the before pics...the stubble, and chunked off area of the brow (and my still prettily tinted lashes, please)! Oh, in the 'before' pics, I've also taken one of the 'good' brow to see how thick I wear them. This is NOT as thick as they grow, however.......I've got caterpillar eyebrows. Don't be skeeved by the contacts--I had no idea they'd show up that well. Oh, and I'm not stoned. I'm taking self portraits, and apparently one must LOOK stoned in them. Oh, and I also didnt' realize that my just out of the shower brows were so messy----but, oh well....this is me.

In the after photo, you'll see the chunked off area isn't totally gone, and neither is the stubbly area....she didn't want to do TOO much, for fear they would grow back funny--but all in all, she did a good job. She suggested using an eyebrow pencil to soften the 'chunked' area. My esthetician suggested cuticle scissors when needing to trim length from the bounty of my brows. Not a RAZOR that cuts hair INTO STUBBLE. Please take note of the NEWLY tinted lashes, though........pretty!



My Life My Life My Life said...

You know, with your hair pulled back, you have an exotic look going on there...I really couldnt tell you looped off your eyebrow until you pointed out the differences but I love how eyebrows look after a fresh do...

Kristen said...

I once waxed an entire eyebrow clean off.

It was one of those home kits and I thought I could save myself 5 bucks if I did it myself.

Your brows look totally fine. Sorry for the unfortunate shaving incident.

oh, and thanks for visiting my blog and saying such nice things.

Lynne said...

I don't think they look bad at all. Found you through You have teenage boys? Me too! Aren't they vile? And awesome at the same time. I did a whole documentary post on teenagers. And by the way, you don't even almost look 42.

Perfectly Shelly said...

MyLife-Exotic? *snort*

Kristen--yes,I was grateful I didn't lose the whole thing.

Lynne--teenage boys--2 of them...and yes, they can be vile, but they are also awesome. Ahhhh....the almost 42 thing? Yeah, well, I AM 42, since Feb and haven't bothered to change the 'about me', so thanks for the compliment. From now on I think I'll use photographs of myself from the mid-nose saves the fat neck/chin(no joke) from showing.