Monday, October 27, 2008

Senior Moments

Well, it appears that Dex's worm and/or intestinal condition is improving. His doodie is firm and we haven't seen any blood. He has twice the energy he had when we got him, and he's FUNNY. I mean he was funny before, too, but he slept alot. He still sleeps alot, but at least now, between long cozy naps, he races through the house, plays with Copper, chews rawhides, and runs from us when he's got something he wants that he shouldn't have. Like socks. And cords. And Kleenex.

He hasn't had any accidents in the house since my last report. I think he may be smart. He seems to be potty training (other people I know act like potty training is so hard.......), he knows 'inside' and 'outside' he knows his name, oh and he responds well to 'GOOOOOODDDD BBBOOOYYYYY'. He knows 'NO', and he very much likes to sleep on down blankets and in our bed with us. He sleeps in his cage at night with little whining, and he's SO FREAKING CUTE, it's unbelieveable.

Mr. P went to take some photos of son #1 yesterday. Mr. P is acting as a photographer for his Senior pictures. Son #1 isn't as co-operative as I'd like. I had an absolute meltdown because when I told Son #1 that I wanted him clean shaven in the photos and he flat out refused. He didn't want to go take pictures, he didn't want to shave and I went nuts. He, of course, thinks I'm nuts. He said it should be HIS choice since they were 'his' pictures. You all know Senior pictures are as much for the family as they are for the kid. No matter what I said, he totally refused to shave and practically refused to go take pictures. Arrgh. Sometimes I feel like I suck at parenting, and sometimes I feel like I get shat upon on a regular basis.

Anyway, he got lots of pictures of Son #1, unshaven. The photos are pretty good after all, but I would still enjoy them more if he were clean shaven. He said he'll take more later on and shave. We'll see how that turns out.

Okay, we picked up the photos of Son #1 and they turned out pretty good. We have (well, I have) a very specific taste regarding the 'look' of pictures. I prefer so called 'urban' backgrounds....a modern, sort of stark look. I also kind of like the railroad track look.......unfortunately, many of the pictures were taken too far away to really be used as portraits, but it was a good practice session, and there are two specifically that turned out awesome........and several more that are good. We picked about 40 examples to print out to show him what we were going for.......and hope he likes the basic result and will 'allow' Mr. Perfectly to do this again having learned from his 'mistakes' if you will. Not that he made 'mistakes', but he isn't a portrait photographer. He has never enjoyed the portrait side of things.......although I'd be willing to bet that at least some of Son #1's friends will want similiar photos of them taken. He may get into the portrait business after all.

See? Mr. P did a pretty good job, huh? Let me know what YOU I said before, alot are too far away to be 'portraits' but this gives you a sense of what he was 'going' for. I am anxious to hear if we are on the right track!!

Toodles....Happy Monday!!


Dingo said...

Wow Mr. Perfectly! Wow, Unclean Shaven Son #1! Oh, yeah, wow Shelly! I like the sepia toned pic the best and the last pic. Damn, those eyes! I like the last one as a portrait because I think it's a close up but it has more life and it's not stilted like most senior portraits. Son #1 looks natural, comfortable, and like himself (I'm assuming since I've never met him). I think that's the look you go for in a Senior portrait and unfortunately, so few pics capture that. But that last one did.

Perfectly Shelly said...


Yeah--I hear that alot. Every mom says their kids are beautiful, and sometimes we think "awww, a mother's love', but as you can see, he's pretty 'hot'. (Is that okay to say about your son??)

My youngest is easy on the eyes, too. Depending on who you talk to, in some instances he even has his brother beat.

I need to set out to get more shots of him, too.

Not to be stupid, but when Mr. P gets a link up (If he does) we have like hundreds more, and I'd love your take on the ideas we had for photos........not that you'd need to examine each and every, but just look and from a creative standpoint guide us.

That is, only if you WANT to.......

GYL said...

Woah! Last pic is best - great eyes. :) Hope you don't mind me having a look around. Enjoying your blog lots so far!


Teresa said...

These are great! I especially like the black & white pics. Portraits are hard to do and harder still when your subject matter is not cooperating. The great thing with digital is you can always check them right away and reshoot until you get what you want.