Monday, October 6, 2008

Honeymoon period

Hi!! What did Y’ALL do this weekend? I had a GLORIOUS weekend---I got to watch son #2’s football game, went to the OLDE TYPE APPLE FESTIVAL with Teenie, assisted (sort of) with Son #1’s getting ready for Homecoming, went to a swap meet, got a puppy, got lots of fun stuff at the apple festival (honey, hummingbird feeders, etc)……The weather was GORGEOUS, and it was tons of fun.

So Saturday rolled around, and we were all quite excited about Son #2’s game. Grandparents came to watch—the weather was nice…and the kids WON!! I didn’t think Teenie would be able to go to the Apple Festival with me since homecoming festivities were on for her son’s school (and my son’s school). As it turned out, we WERE able to go for a couple of hours. We wandered around aimlessly STARVING and looking for food. We stopped at a greek vendor with all sorts of awesome looking food on display. We each got a chicken pita (at $8 a pop) and went on our merry way, eating our greek food. It was NASTY. We’ve got greek restaurants around here, and I’ve eaten Greek food before….it’s highly flavorful, and YUMMY. This was bland and gristly---nothing worse, in my opinion, than fatty, gristly chicken. It wasn’t flavorful, and even the Tzatziki sauce was not much more than just plain yogurt. We found the nearest dumpster and wasted our food. And our money. I bought a cute hummingbird feeder, and some Raspberry/Jalapeno flavored honey, as well as the dark fall honey (a huge bottle of it). We tried a homemade sugar scrub, and the man who makes it took the liberty of rubbing lotion onto our arms……..that was a bit weird. We saw the COOLEST ceramic garlic graters. It’s a little ceramic plate with a rough texture at the bottom of the plate, where you rub your garlic, or ginger, or zests to grate them. It came with a little brush to gather it all up with….it was REALLY neat…..and $20…….so we skipped it, but if they have this dealie at other festivals, I’m going to buy it….it was just TOO cool. You could also grate dry stuff like nutmeg, chocolate and nuts. AND it was cute.

Teenie called me early in the evening to tell me that her EX had been at a swap meet in Versailles (yes, it’s really called VerSales) after going to the festival himself, and there were tons of animals. I had a lightbulb moment, sort of……a co-worker of mine told me about an ‘animal swap meet’ that happens each year in that area. People bring every type of animal imaginable (well, not EVERY kind, but a lot) and their junk, and set up shop for a weekend of low end garage sale stuff and animal bartering. Teenie’s ex said that they had chihuahua’s AND dachshunds……for like $50.

Well, Mr. Perfectly and I were up with the roosters yesterday morning. Well, I was up…I just couldn’t sleep. I got up at 6:30, showered and headed to Wal-Mart to buy my poor kids deodorant….they’ve been out and using Mr. Perfectly’s and that really sort of grosses us out……..I was home y 7:45 and Mr. Perfectly was begrudgingly up, and we headed to the final day of the Versailles Swap Meet. The swap meet is a 4 day long event that occurs twice a year……..and it’s a sight to behold, that’s for sure.

Mr. P took his camera, but he didn’t take any photos. I wish he would have, though. I’ve never really seen anything like this before. There were pigeons, guineas, chickens, geese, goats, rabbits, dogs, LLAMAS, turkeys…….and some pretty sorry looking folk with a bunch of JUNK selling it. It was like a huge barn and garage sale. It was sort of scary and surreal. I asked some lady if she’d seen any dachshund puppies for sale (we’d found the Chihuahua puppies, but they were flea infested……a fact she didn’t tell me until AFTER I’d held and loved on them….even today, I feel creepy crawlies on me) . She’d SEEN puppies being carried around, but didn’t know where they were being sold----we drove to the camper down the way and found 4 dachshund dogs. 2 adults and 2 babies.

Well, we couldn’t resist, and ended up buying one of the cute puppies for $30 (the Sunday discounted price…down from $50). He’s absolutely adorable, and his name is Dex. The crazy lady that had him says he’s 7 and a half months old, but I am doubting her accuracy. He’s a miniature dachshund, but still he only weighs probably 4 lbs TOPS……maybe he is that old, but I’m taking him to the vet today to make sure there are no worms, fleas and to see how hold he really is. HE’S ADORABLE.

The lady selling the pups wasn’t quite right. She toddled up to us with her Pentecostal bun in complete disarray and acted like they were her precious pets, yet indicated that they lived in kennels outside. She didn’t HAVE inside dogs. She told us about the baby daddy (who was in the cage next to them) named Jimmy Dean---she said Jimmy Dean spent his days wagging his tail against the kennel wires, and constantly knocked the hair off of his tail, so they docked the babies tails when they were born. WTF? Who docks a dachshund tail? They didn’t even dock it ‘correctly’….usually docked tails are nothing but a little round nub above the butt----but this tail is maybe 2 inches long…….so he has enough tail to tuck down….we just handed her the $30 and took off with Dex……I think he already realizes it’s better in the house than outside.

Oh, here are some pictures.

Oh, and here is a sign that you see (billboard) coming into Versailles. This is a community with a large Mennonite population, so one sees scripture signs at EVERY turn….at every driveway…..on billboards. It’s a very heavy influence….but still….does nobody but me and Mr. Perfectly see the sheer MADNESS of this particular sign? I think some of my co-workers were offended that I saw such humor in a scripture.

Anyway---that is my weekend fun…..what did YOU do?

Happy Monday---I’ll let you all know the stats on Dex when I see the vet…… for now!!


Ben said...

First off, thanks so much for your comment on my post today. My parents have stuck by each other through thick and thin and have been married for 28 or 29 years now. That's something I really admire about them and it taught me a lot about relationships and - for that matter - partnerships.

Second, that puppy is adorable. Of course part of me is nervous from the wacko you got him from (and $30???) but I'm hoping he'll get a clean bill of health and have a happier home with you than being an 'outdoor' dog. Some people out there are just clueless...

We got each of our dogs at about five months and they were already around the six pound mark. I'm interested to hear the vet's conclusion. No matter what, he is so fiercely adorable that I just want to carry him around in my mouth all day :)

stoogepie said...

Crap! When you asked your readers whether we ever wanted for you to go shopping for us, I had no idea you could get cheap puppies, too! Well, I missed that opportunity. Let us know the next time you go to a puppy garage sale, okay?

I love that sign. Why would anyone be offended?

Rose said...

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