Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hannibal Lecter

My poor baby, Buster, has an injured leg. He hops along about 2/3rds of the time on 3 legs and his left front leg, up and dangling. He lets us manipulate it, and feel it, and he doesn’t cry, but we don’t know WHY he seems to hurt. He RUNS like crazy after squirrels in the backyard, but hip hops through the house.

I finally took him to the Vet on Monday afternoon. I warned him (the Vet) that Buster can snap sometimes (one time, I thought he was going to take the hand off a vet who was giving him shots……..he may be small, but he bites HARD when he wants to). This was a new veterinarian that I’d never met. He joined a practice of 3 other vets that I’ve seen for years….they are down to earth, and not ‘doctor-ish’ at all….they are practical, and less expensive than many local vets.

I also knew Buster needed vaccinations---it had been (cough) 2 years, so since we were THERE, I figured it was a good idea. I also asked for some sort of sedative for poor Copper to come get HIS overdue shots as well….because the poor dog HATES to ride in the car….so we have half of a pink happy pill for him…….he’ll have no idea what hit him……..poor stupid pup……

ANYWAY…..I told New Vet that Buster can be snappy---Buster was obviously scared, and didn’t seem snappy, but the vet was all on pins and needles anyway (the man puts his whole arm in cow’s butts……why would the mere THREAT of a little dog snapping make him so jumpy??). He asked me if we should muzzle Buster, and I reluctantly told him it may not be a bad idea, especially since we needed to administer shots.

New Vet went to a cabinet and pulled out a leather muzzle and affixed it to poor Busters schnozz, and I swear people, he looked like THIS:

He sort of got that crazed look in his eyes, and tried to use his paws to pull it off---he even cried…like it hurt. He didn’t growl or snap ONE TIME (good boy!!)—I took the muzzle off once we were done, and put him on the floor, and he jumped and slammed himself into me (wanting to be picked up), and the New Vet insulted my intelligence by telling me that maybe Buster was ‘seeking attention’ around the house by holding his paw up…….

So the vet visit was a bust, and I now totally regret not taking the camera so we could get pictures of little Hannibal………the resemblance was striking!

We are off to Kansas City today for a football game. The freshman boys play against the toughest opponents in the state---KC Rockhurst. My cute cousin and her kids and husband may come to watch, which will be fun!! They live across the state line into Kansas, so it’s a little bit of a trip for them as well, but it’s a chance to get together for a little while. Perfectly’s dad is going, so it will be a nice family day. Except it’s on a WEDNESDAY, and the taking off work early, and leaving town and stuff makes it seem like a FRIDAY, and it isn’t. Tomorrow morning will be SUCH a bummer.

Toodles for now. Everyone have an AWESOME hump day!!


Kristen said...

I had a dog that used to fake injuries and limp around the house. I'd let it go for a few days hoping it would get better, but I'd finally break down and bring her to the vet.

As soon as we walked into the exam room, BAM!

Miracle recovery.


Dingo said...

Poor Buster! Hurt leg, muzzle, and an asshat doctor that thinks it's all in his head. I think vets say that when they just don't have a clue as to what's wrong.