Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Bum Itches Already

Dex has worms. Or something equally PLAGUE-ISH.

Remember the crazy lady with the disheveled Pentecostal bun that 'sold' us the pup? Yeah, she said he'd been wormed twice and had his first set of shots. I had him wormed on the 6th (his first vet visit) just in case, and we had him vaccinated. Again, just in case. Well, 10 days ago or so, I took Dex out for a potty, and noticed his poo glinting in the sunlight. Gross, right? Well, when I went to investigate, I realized it was blood and.....well....mucus (What an icky word). I called the vet who instructed me to PUT THE RUNNY, BLOODY POO into a baggie, and seal it, and take it to them. A BAGGIE??? So, I dutifully went to find a stick. I found, instead, a rounded out piece of bark...so I used it like a spoon, and deposited the 'sample' in said baggie and zipped it up.

The vet checked it and said he had a 'heavy burden' of hookworms. Hookworms burrow into the intestinal wall and suck the blood. Lovely. We were given additional worm medicine to give him, the cat and the beasty boys to protect them as well.

Here it is 10 days later, and the poo is still bloody and nasty. The vet says he's had ample time for the wormer to work (the 2 ROUNDS of wormer), and that it maybe whipworm (??) or Giardia or something else.....Toxidia or something like that? She prescribed 3 additonal medications to give him....one for 3 days, one for 7 days and the last for 10 days.

I took Dex back to the vet with me today to get his drugs and he weighs 5.7 lbs.....so he DID gain some weight in the last 2 weeks---one of the wormers needs to be sprinkled on food, so I will be feeding him canned food for 3 days to get the meds down......I took video of his first soft food experience. He looks troubled...or grossed out...or SOMETHING...but he ate it!! I don't know what the issue was...texture? Taste? Grit from the medicine. Mr. P. will splice my videos together to make one...I videoed the house, the yard, the dogs, our split tree from an ice storm. Obviously you don't need the length of all the videos, so my hubby will magically turn it into one.

So now I am worried about contracting some sort of intestinal parasite from my adorable puppy. **shudder** How gross would that be.

Hey, you all have heard of that Body Dysmorphic syndrome (or whatever). Where the really skinny people...the ones with bones showing enough to crack an egg on the edge? The ones that look like a skeleton with skin? When they look in the mirror they see a fat person. The rest of us are AMAZED that they can't see what is REAL.

Well, I think I may have a touch of that syndrome in reverse. I buy cute clothes, and try to match, and wear my mineral makeup and think I am looking all cute.....I know I'm fat...I can see it.....I know my size is huge...but I envision myself looking more NORMAL or AVERAGE. I see photos and I'm so disappointed...I look in the dressing room mirror and my heart sinks. I get my HAIR cut, and think I'll look so awesome....and I just look like the large faced, many chinned me...with different hair.

I posted the pictures from our Winery trip with much disdain and worry. I look awful. My makeup is not very dark.....my hair...oh the frizz...my chins.....the GARGANTUAN boobs. My boobs were always a source of pride---when I was skinny and the big boobs looked right. Now I just look all........well......MATRONLY. And Frumpy.

I've been trying to work on my self esteem. My self image. I have been doing pretty well of late, but this last round of pictures really did me in........

Okey Dokey--enough of the pity party.......on with the video. Sorry about the squee of the dog voice. You all KNOW YOU DO IT TOO!! Babies and pets get the 'voice'. I was also laughing....I don't hear myself laugh very often, so I'm scared, Internet. What if I sound really idiotic? Oh well........I'll leave the editing of my horrible video skills to my wonderful husband.....Mr. Perfectly.


Kristen said...

I think that as long as you don't eat the little guy's poop and you don't french kiss him, you'll be fine.

And I'm sorry you're feeling crappy about your appearance. That is the worst feeling.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Kristen--see...that's sort of the PROBLEM. Obviously, I don't eat poop, but despite all my spit issues, I do kiss my doggies....and they kiss back......I mean not tongue IN MOUTH (well, except Copper who is very insistant on licking tonsils, and he slips it in unknowingly on occasion), but they lick my face and fingers, and I get down and make kissy faces/noises at them......so I did ask the vet about the dog kisses........and she SAYS without GUARANTEE that we will probably be just fine.....that she's only seen one client of hers contract worms from their dog.........so that made me feel a little better, but ewww. Gross. Worms.

stoogepie said...

What's wrong with worms? You can eat all you want and you lose weight anyway! Sounds like a win-win to me. All I'm saying is, don't be afraid to slip Dex some tongue.

Yesterday, right after I pressed "Publish Your Comment," I said to myself, "I should have commented on the pictures." I was at work at the time in the middle of a meeting, and I said that out loud, so I closed my laptop up and pretended to be listening while my post-lunch four-martini buzz slowly died.

But you look awesome. I especially love the picture of you alone by the wine bottles. That picture goes well with today's post, because your smile is absolutely infectious.

So don't be down, girl. You are beautiful!

Perfectly Shelly said...

Ok, Stoogie. You are officially my new boyfriend. Your comment actually made me feel better....and a little misty.

Thank you.

Dingo said...

Poor Dex! Poor you with all that contaminated doggie saliva and poop around. You must be bathing in antibacterial get.

Um, you really needed a stick? You don't know how to pick up poo by turning the back inside out? Oh, the things I'm going to show you when you come visit NYC. We're the best poop-picker uppers in the country!

Perfectly Shelly said...

Dingo....yes, believe it or not, I am well acquainted with an inside out baggie......that's how we pick up the poos (when we bother to do it).....but this was very wet, and slimy, and not suitable for picking up....scooping worked much better....it just slid right into the bag. I'd liken it to picking up gumbo (with the slimy okra) with an inside out baggie.

And no, no antibacterial gel baths yet.

Dingo said...

Um...thanks for the vivid description...I think. Ew.

GYL said...

I just watched the video - he is sooo cute - I WANT HIM (and I am doing the voice right now....just waiting for the hairy airedale and husband to come in see what I am squealing about, LOL) I am SO clucky for another dog!