Friday, October 3, 2008

Yer Darn Right, Dontcha Know!!!

Wink, Wink.

I’m all for folksy, people….really. I live in a folksy part of the world---I kind of enjoy country euphemisms, and the fun way people get their points across. I often use improper ‘lingo’ when trying to illustrate the absolute RURALNESS of where I live….despite the fact it’s a Capitol City (or is it Capital? I never get that one right-------someone smart, weigh in on that for me).

But for God’s sakes…..the first wink and the first Soccer Mom reference in last night’s debate set me off----it actually insulted me. I’m a middle class American…..I’m an athletic supporter (haha….get the joke…….hahaha-------), I have teenagers, I worry about paying for college, ALL the things Sarah Palin tried to say made she and I ALIKE…..But talk to me like an adult…..not like a farmer over the back 40 fence.

In actuality, her demeanor didn’t allow me to truly HEAR what she had to say…….I tried, I REALLY tried….but I can’t think of ANYTHING that I really remember that she said that sticks out in my mind. I was insulted and felt like she was trying to be someone she’s NOT to ‘appeal’ to the ‘average’ American.

I don’t’ know may average Americans that WINK in general conversation. It was Friggin’ Absurd!! (wink, wink)

Ok, enough of my un-educated political talk……..

I am disappointed, Internet Friends. There is a HUGE Festival tomorrow. HUGE. It’s the Olde Tyme Apple Festival in Versailles (pronounced VerSales, for you French enthusiasts). It’s supposed to be 75 and SUNNY…..a beautiful festival day. But, son #2 has a game at 11. I so want to see him play---so I’ll go to the game, HAPPILY as a matter of fact……but there’s that little selfish corner of my brain that wishes the game were another day so I could FESTIVAL………it makes me feel like a bad mom to be disappointed to miss the festival…..I wouldn’t THINK of missing his game, but I wish there was (or is it were?) a way to do both.

I didn’t get a SINGLE comment yesterday (oops, now I,ve gotten one!! Thanks Tawny!!). I’m really sad……I need some serious advice about the dog situation. TALK ME OUT OF IT PEOPLE!!! Dash is just too cute to pass up!! The rescue group is coming through my city on Wednesday and said they’d bring him…………HELLLLPPPPPPP.

Mr. Perfectly noticed yesterday that CRISSY is in 2nd place for the ‘Hottest Mommy Blogger”---Y’all may get your wish of seeing her nekkid on the internet! Keep voting and help me WIN the sweepstakes!!!

Happy Friday!!!!


Lynne said...

You make a very good point about her; and the sad truth is, we have a very stupid president which has forced the country to lower its expectations so much that they can actually say she did well last night. If you level the playing field and don't take into consideration that for the past two weeks she's been a moron, there was no contest. There was substance, intellect, humility and experience from Joe Biden; from her we get a wink, a smile and the same old talking points. The fact that we can overlook her lack of substance because she is pretty and has nice stage appearance is absolutely insulting. We deserve someone smart and someone who has a plan to fix this mess that the REPUBLICANS have perpetrated on us. Folksy-ness is not going to cut it.

Mr. Perfectly said...

If I understand correctly, with an "O" is in direct reference to the building (Capitol). So it would be Capital City.

Not a grammatical genius (hey I was born in these here parts), I think "was" sounds better.

As far as candidates and debates, it is all pretty lame. They can all spout statistics that contradict each other and both statistics could even be correct. Both sides call each liars and both sides usually seem to get caught in a lie here or there (some more than others). And then when they start trying to say you did this before and now you are saying this now. Hey we all know that times change, reasonings change, just as they do for all of us common folk. We don't always stick with the same answer. And when it comes to legislation you may have to take one thing to get another, so you might vote for something you don't fully agree with. Come on everyone, it's politics.

I find it interesting from those that have spent a lifetime in politics naming two or three things that they have done. You would think the list should go on an on.

And as far the claim of change from both sides, and everything not being the same old politics, they have all been in politics for no less than a decade, and I can't say they have revolutionized politics. Have they?

They are all still playing the games.

As far as politics, darn it (Tina Fey wink), I disagree with your last statement, I think Barack, John, Joe, Sarah, and everyone else should be voting to help "ME" win the sweepstakes. :-)

Disclaimer: I am Mr. Perfectly and I might think about endorsing this message.

Dingo said...

I think your political rant is the funniest thing you've written (since I've been reading). I almost busted a gut readin' it, y'all!

Lynne said...

Mr. Perfectly's comment drives home my point about how we've come to accept politics and politicians as crooked and stupid. It's sad. Anyone who has spent any time reading Barack Obama, listening to him and studying up on his message of change might for a moment dare to dream again about how this country could pick itself back up and get back on track. Sadly, politicians have spent too much time squashing our hopes and filling us with fear.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Lynnie---thanks for being so say it WAY better than I do........

Mr. Perfectly--the sweepstakes IS MINE, dude!! AALLLLLLLMMMMIIIINNNEEEEE

Dingo--funny? COOL!!! I like to be funny---sorry about the busted gut, tho......

also UPDATE.....CRISSY IS #1!!

Anonymous said...


It isn't just that she talked that way that irritates me (and it was excruciating, truly)--it is that there appears to be a large group of people in the punditry who think that this is how middle-class people talk--and that she was speaking our language somehow. I have never, ever heard anyone talk like that (save Dennis the menace--Golly gee willikers Mr. Wilson) and I have been around lots of "folks" in my life. It is insulting that her handlers and the pundits think that people would respond to that favorably. It just cements that they are completely out of touch with the majority of the American people.


Perfectly Shelly said...

Ph.D.----what scares me more than her 'HANDLERS' is that some people are BUYING it.........that somehow she's for all the 'little' people or something.

It scares the shit out of me that her scripted debate (an oxymoron if I've ever heard one), is that people think she's GREAT.

The 'pro' Palin folks talk (in the mainstream media...that's all the exposure I get) that she did such a good job, and she didn't fall on her face, and that Katie Couric used MEDIA FILTERS to make her look bad...yada yada yada.....but what about the segue into COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TOPICS than the moderator asked about? what about THAT supporters?

Didn't ANYONE BUT ME hear her say stupid stuff like "Can we talk about Afganistan" when the moderator asked about a completely different how she'd run her presidency if need be....I can't remember exactly...but she stuck to her script and didn't DEVIATE.

How can people see that she was SO NOT off the cuff? Her information was carefully scripted and specific ENOUGH to make her seem knowledgable about some things, but it was all very VAGUE.......

It makes me mad that people will insult MY INTELLIGENCE and MY ABILITY to ferret out the information myself without having her 'talk down' to the Joe six packs of the world. It was quite ugly.

Her hair is gorgeous, though.

p.s. YOU COMMENTED!!!!! OMG, this is a PARTY MOMENT!!

Mr. Perfectly said...

Dang Darlin, PhD commented, grab a six pack on your way home, I'll get the lawn chairs and the kiddie pool and we can sit out front and celebrate. I guess I'll have to fire up the tractor and move those three cars off the front yard, so we'll have some room, although the dogs don't like it when I move their dog houses like that. I'll run back to the still and get a bit of shine for ya. YeeHaw! <--Insert General Lee horn sound here-->

Lynne said...

I know, I'm too fucking serious right? I can't stop, I'm so passionate about this stuff - it's kind of insane. But it's so important. What will our poor kids inherit if we don't do something. SOMEONE OUT THERE PLEASE CARE!!!!!! Ok. I'm done. Love you too Shelly!

Kristen said...


That's friggin awesome!