Friday, April 18, 2008

Won’t you be my friend?

There was an earthquake in Illinois early this morning. Supposedly, it was felt here…..230 miles away……people in my community claim to have windows, china cabinets and beds rattling. If my bed rattled, it didn’t awaken me from my deep, allergy laced sleep………or my dogs, or my kids. Now, I don’t want to sound SKEPTICAL or anything, but c’mon……did people really feel the trembling or is it wishful trembling? I hate to be the negative nelly, but I just have a hard time thinking that people aren’t just trying to jump on the bandwagon. Although, the folks at our local tv station claim to have felt it……..if you live in the Midwest area---Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana…did YOU feel it? **Okay, Okay….I’ve been obsessively reading news articles, and apparently people as far away as 900 miles, felt the quake.**

I’ve been lazy with my blogging. I spent the day at home yesterday with my remote, my allergies and not much else. I kept thinking “I need to blog”, and would get involved in my DVR’D ‘Ghost Hunters’ or ‘High School Reunion’ and think to myself….”nahhhhhhhh”. I hate allergy season. Well, my allergy season is year round, but spring and fall are the worst……I took a Zyrtec a couple of Saturdays ago, and whooee……let me tell you, if you are easily sedated by medication. DON’T TAKE ZYRTEC.

See, the whole thing started when a co-worker of mine was telling me how an allergy doctor told HER that Zyrtec should not be an over-the-counter medication. That it is too sedating. That people were going to DIE from the use of Zyrtec (driving, etc). He’d worked on clinical trials of the medication at the Mayo Clinic, and apparently he and the Mayo Clinic is TERRIBLY opposed to it being on the OTC market. I’ve taken Zyrtec before……before it went off of the formulary list of acceptable medications that were paid for by insurance……but haven’t taken it in YEARS due to the higher prescription cost. I do not RECALL a sedative effect, but man, let me tell you…..I had purchased the OTC stuff and took it around 6:30 am on a Saturday. Went out garage ‘sale-ing’ with Teenie and Jakki, and got home around 1pm. I putzed around and sat down to watch TruTv around 2pm. I asked Mr. Perfectly, who was in the kitchen to pop me up a MINI bag of popcorn. Now how long does that take? 3 minutes TOPS? By the time he brought me the popcorn, I was asleep. I took the popcorn from him, and set it in my lap, and was asleep AGAIN, in a matter of seconds….he came back into the living room to tell me something no more than 3 minutes later and found me sleeping…..sleeping so soundly (in a matter of those 3 minutes) that he had to try 3 different times to wake me up. As I awakened, I tried to fling the popcorn from my lap----luckily he caught it…..I did eat some of the popcorn then, and before I knew it, I could not keep my eyes open. I ended up sleeping most of the rest of the day---literally slack jawed in my reclining chair. I stayed awake from 5 to 7 or so….Mr. Perfectly catered to me and went and got Taco Bell for our dinner…I ate it, and decided that continuing to watch TruTv was a fabulous idea, and couldn’t WAIT for ‘Investigators’…and that getting pillows and watching from the COUCH was a good idea. I rarely lay on the couch. Before I knew it, it was 9:00, and whatever episode I’d been wanting to watch was long over---I hit the bed, and didn’t wake up again til morning… was bizarre, and a bit unsettling. I react this way to antihistamines…..Benedryl especially---but when the sedative effect wears off, I’m good to go….I use NY-Quil for head colds and such, and pass out with it, too, but again, once the medication wears off…’s gone. This Zyrtec had me out like a light from 2pm in the afternoon until the next morning. Kind of creepy. Now, it may have been the power of suggestion, since my co-worker had just filled me in on the Zyrtec Scoop, but sheesh….If I’m THAT impressionable, I need professional help…..

Also, is it WRONG to be earnest and hopeful when looking for and making new friends? I get so excited when I find someone that I have a kinship with that I want to hang out with them….alot…..and somehow, I don’t feel like this is normal… least until I read Jonniker today…..she is SO able to put emotion into words… I wish I had that talent. Anyway, I love to meet people, and make friends, but I have this paranoia that they don’t like me because of my weight. C’mon, you KNOW it’s true…..that heavy people just don’t attract others like normal sized people. I’m heavy and I have the same reaction…’s not a GOOD reaction, but I completely understand….well, I’m hurt when I feel like it’s ME being rejected, but yet, I’d bet a dollar that if picking on looks alone, I’d pick a new ‘friend’ that was thin and interesting looking…..I’ve been BURNED by this multiple times…….and I know better, but I guess things are hard wired into our brains. I’ve met MANY people that I personally have sought out thinking they’d make ‘cool’ friends and they turn out to be snobbish, standoffish, and fickle. The friends that I’ve made that I may not have been attracted to to begin with are generally AWESOME. How can I be so shallow? ME???? The fat girl?

But anyway, I get very excited when I meet someone that I like….that I feel a kinship with…..and so often I don’t feel that my excitement is reciprocated. Is it because of my weight? Is it because I’m over-zealous? Is it because the ‘others’ in the world just don’t care? Or are THEY just as earnest as I am, but too afraid to look like a stalker (like I do)? So, please, Internet world. Don’t find me off putting if I comment happily on your blog, or send you a quick e-mail to express my adoration. It’s not MEANT in a stalkerish way---just that I find you terribly interesting, and want to be friends!!

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My Life My Life My Life said...

Maybe the earthquake wasnt the reason the earth quaked....maybe it was something else....

I do find you overzealous...over zealous in being the best friend possible. You are EXtremely caring and one of my favorite people in the whole world..well behind my mom, my dad, ummm my kids, sometimes my sister Netta, and well...u get my point.I've NEVER had as much fun with someone during the course of a day AND not be in an horizontal position.....

You do realize that while you were sleep, Mr. Perfectly took advantage of you????