Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Musings de jour

I settled last night. The tasty leftover wine from the St. James winery was a bust...I couldn't get the plastic stopper wasn't a was a in champagne bottles, only this is sparkling blush--for $8.98 a bottle. My 14 yr old SON even tried to pop it open for his ole' mom, but to no avail. I had to drink gin, diet 7up and White CranStrawberry as a fakeout cosmo. I also ate Trix cereal for dinner.

WhiskeyMarie GOT it.....yeah!! I post these silly things on others sites ......and I often wonder (worry) if other people 'get' me. WHOOO HOOOO.....she did! I hope--maybe she just likes ass.

I buy all this stuff for my kids--sports drinks, peanuts, pretzels and granola bars for snacks and quick energy---and they leave them around the house with one drink out of a bottle, or with the peanut jar wide open for DOGGIE faces to feed on....then have the nerve to complain NEXT time when I don't buy the stuff for them to waste.

I'm fervently awaiting Big Brother tonight...I've been heavily trolling the spoiler websites and have tried to eek ANY info that I can from them.........but it's still nearly 3 hours away.....oh...a new GHOST HUNTERS tonight as well.......maybe Mr. Perfectly will get home from his crazy work early enough to manhandle that Sparkling Blush bottle for me.........he may not, though....ghosts and wine may cause him to be on FORCED lookout duty until I'm in a DEEEPPPP sleep.

I need and want a good edemame recipe....Dooce, can you hear me?

Jakki's cat peed in her tennis shoes. That would SUCK.

I've tossed around the idea in my head (hear the rattling?) about a comment-athon. I want traffic here so badly, and I'm sure others do maybe if there was a huge comment-athon, we could generate traffic to our own sites as well as sites of others.....hmmmmmm....rattle, rattle, rattle.

Sheila from Big Brother 9 was a Penthouse Playmate from the 80's. I found a site that posted her nude shots. I just don't get it....the nudie pics...I've got what she's got (in larger proportions), and it's not all that interesting. Maybe my animals 'get it'...and thats why they won't leave me ALONE in the bathroom.

Mr. Perfectly just sent me a text saying he'll be late AGAIN tonight. The poor guy...he's been working on a huge project for DAYS. Damn....I guess this means no sparkling wine with my ghosts.

I'm off to read---and watch the's supposed to storm here tonight and tomorrow. I'm afraid of storms. I keep (and make my kids do the same) a pair of shoes handy when storms are called for. That way, when walking through glass and the rubble of a tornado ravaged house, we will have protection for our feet. I also sleep in my undies..only. My mom mentioned once that I'll be in the middle of our street after a storm in shoes and underpants...maybe appropriate sleep attire should be looked into since Missouri has a long storm season.

Happy Administrative Assistant Day!


My Life My Life My Life said...

I washed my shoes (Nikes by the way which is why I refuse to just throw the buggers away)in HOT HOT water and threw them into the dryer for a minute so maybe...maybe the horrible stench coming out of my shoes will only be that of funky feet.

My Life My Life My Life said...

Well today its cat pee with a touch of Downy.

Christy said...

I hate it when that happens--which is easily twice a week!