Monday, April 7, 2008

Follicle Follies

Teenie got professional advice on her hair situation. She was told that to get her hair to a more manageable color situation would take several steps. The first of which is to go to a color close to her 'real' color and try to blend the hair to match a little better......her ends were SIGNIFICANTLY darker than the top of her hair....when she tried her box color Monday night, it worsened the issue. Now, let me say, honestly, I didn't think it was nearly as horrifying as she did. Teenie always looks good, and even something that isn't quite perfect, she pulls off seamlessly.

Her friend, and licensed hair stylist, went to the hair stylist place and got the 'professional' color stuff....and the stuff to activate it.....explained that she needed to get help and to BRUSH the roots and reddish color with the NEW color, then let it set for 30 minutes. Once set, we were to dampen the rest of her hair, and COMB the color through the ends, so as not to process the ends even more than they had been recently. Of course, I got pictures!!

Here is the damage of our dinner, prior to the hair coloring session:

I tried to get pictures of the color differences in her hair, and it didn't looks to be a lovely shade of reddish/ me....the ends were nearly black--well, not black, but very dark brown.

Here I am mixing the activator, and color together:

Whew, got THAT done successfully.

Very shortly, we called the EX down to memorialize the occasion.

Man, this hairdressing stuff is HARD!!!!

We managed to complete the coloring steps and her hair is much nicer. It still has darker ends, but it's all blended much more naturally. We'll have to get the low down on what the NEXT step to the color repair steps are.

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