Monday, April 28, 2008

I’ve gone and done it now

Remember me talking about how my dog, Buster, is often snappy? Yeah, well, what I didn’t mention is that sometimes I egg him on. Well, not exactly ‘egg’ him on, I just keep trying to love on him when he doesn’t want to be loved on to PROVE that he won’t snap at me….that I’m his Mama, and he LUVS me, and would NEVER think of biting me. Guess What? He bites. The little sucker bites HARD sometimes too……but never breaks the skin….the worst I’ve gotten is if he catches a knuckle or something, then skin may get scraped, but overall, he just bites, then looks at me like “I’ve been GROWLING trying to TELL you, but would you LISTEN? NOOOO” Then licks me….as if apologizing. Buster gives fair warning that he doesn’t want to be bothered. It’s at it’s worst when he is sleeping…especially on the bed. He growls, and shows his teeth. It’s funny, because when he’s REALLY riled up, he’ll ‘chew’ on those growls….he moves his tongue around while growling and it sounds like he’s chewing it up…..that’s when we leave him alone….because that’s usually the pre-cursor to BITING. Well, biting me. He doesn’t bite Mr. Perfectly. Mr. Perfectly is the alpha dog….and I’m just his bitch, I guess.

Anyway, as is the norm, this morning after my shower, I went and dug Buster out of the piles of covers he burrows under every morning. I started petting him, and he growled. But he also rolled over and showed his belly---all like “oh, alright…if you HAVE to pet me then pet me HERE”. So, I petted his belly, while baby talking to him. He was growling and chewing……which should have been my SIGN to back away from the pup, but no….I stuck my FACE down into his face cooing and talking to him….and guess what? He bit me…on the LIP. Now, this has never happened (except one time after we first got him, and he had a bath—I tried kissing on him, and he didn’t like it). I always stick my face into his, and when he snaps, he always goes for my hands. Even if my face is RIGHT there….so in my quest to feel worthy of him, I was kissing on him while he was growling and showing his teeth, and my upper lip and his teeth became intimately acquainted. Of course, he broke the skin, and I feel like an absolute idiot. Not to mention, the adorable swelling---I can’t say that the Melanie Griffith look is what I’ve been trying for.

Actually, it isn’t that bad—I certainly notice it, but I am not sure if it is all that obvious to others. It’s certainly sore, though. Here’s my fear. What if I need medical treatment for this bitten lip? I think they have to report all animal bites, and what if they quarantine my dog? I mean, no, it’s not acceptable that he’s snappy in this manner, BUT I KNOW he’s snappy, I know the signs and I should have KNOWN better than to try to rub noses with a teeth showing, growling dog. It wasn’t as if he didn’t give me WARNING. I chose to IGNORE the warning. I sort of feel like it’s not his fault (totally)….So, I’m hoping beyond hope that this doesn’t get infected—that the soreness will go away and I can hang my head in embarrassment without medical intervention.

Oh, and on a total side note….I went to Teenie’s this weekend to spend some quality time with her, and her sister, Marie. It was a lot of fun, and we saw Teenie’s son off to his first prom. She cried. We went to Target to get prints of the photos as soon as he left with his adorable date. I’d had a tad too much wine, so opted not to drive—Teenie drove, and I used the big red balls that adorn Super Target’s front door as exercise balls. I leaned back, with my hands clasped behind my head (I saw it on TV….I’ve NEVER used an exercise ball in my LIFE). Yeah—pretty embarrassing.

Also, my son went to Prom this weekend too. I’m debating whether to post photos or not. What do YOU think? Wanna see my handsome son? I’ve got photos of me helping him dress, but my very large neck/double (triple) chin is quite…..well…..BIG, and I hate it. I know I should just be all like “this is me….”, but I don’t want to lose my internet friends……because of my weight…..

Tell me what YOU want to see. Pics of me and handsome son? Handsome son alone or Handsome son and date. Whatever gets the most comments wins. My goal is 5 comments from people other than Jakki. Or Teenie. Or Ph.D. In other words, I’m gunning for 5 ‘stranger friend’ comments.


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My Life My Life My Life said...

You rolling around on red balls...a sight to see.