Monday, April 21, 2008

Insecurity (now with updates!)

I’ve been dealing with a highly emotional 14 yr old son and his girlfriend. Oy. Parenting is such a fly by the seat of your pants undertaking! No amount of planning, worrying, or reading can train you to deal with SITUATIONS. Now, mind you, I’m not claiming that this is as bad as it can be…..I KNOW there are many people dealing with major issues with their teens, and as grateful as I am to not be dealing with them (at least not for the moment), it’s still exhausting. I guess since the world hasn’t realized, yet, that it’s all about ME….I’ll have to succumb to the needs of others.

My poor baby was reduced to TEARS yesterday because I wouldn’t let him go to St. Louis with his girlfriend and her family. He’s very aggressive when trying to beg or argue his point, and he WOULD not stop hounding me—It all ended up with text messages from the girlfriend, professing her ‘LOVE’ for son #2, and did I MIND that she was ‘in love’ with my son………and did I think her outfit was ‘CUTE’ Saturday night….and she sure hoped we ‘luv’d’ her----

There was no real reason he couldn’t go with them to St. Louis—except he’d been with her from 9 am to 10 pm on Saturday---her parents took them out to eat, and to the mall---and really, does a 14 yr old need to be with their significant ‘other’ THAT much? Even with parental supervision? He needed to mow Perfectly’s Dad’s large yard and do some things that kids DO…….like detach themselves from a permanent lip lock……….sheesh. Nobody prepared me for the EMOTIONAL stuff that boys have…everyone complains about girls and how emotional they are, and I’m sure it’s a different sort of thing, but BOTH of my boys are highly emotional---my Oldest is just surly and won’t talk (unless he want’s something, then he’s a wealth of information—all sweetness and nice)…my youngest has a FIERY temper----he’s very even keel and easy going unless he doesn’t get something he wants, and then all HELL breaks loose. Luckily for us, his temper goes away as quickly as it came on.

THEN, yesterday, I colored my hair. I’m 42 and the grays are THICK..and, well, GRAY. I hate them. I got my hair cut (in the same fashion I ALWAYS DO), and went to wal-mart to find me some home hair color! I went with the $13.94 box instead of the $8.97 one because this had 2 steps….a color then HIGHLIGHTS. I went with the usual dark blond color—this one called BISCOTTI—and let me tell you---it’s brown. That mousy light brown. Now, mind you, I got the cheapo hair color last time, and after 10 days or so, it faded and turned really LIGHT… I went from blond (not platininum—but blond nonetheless) to light brown. It’s quite different. I like it, sort of…..I prefer it a little lighter, though. Somewhere between the brassy-ish blond and what it is now. My niece, Heather, came to help with the highlights….and it did lighten it some around the crown and on top, but overall it didn’t do much—probably because I chickened out and rinsed it a couple of minutes early---I didn’t want STRIPES or anything….so, now of course, I’ll be subjected to “oh….you did something different with your HAIR’ remarks all day—I HATE that. I don’t like to call attention to myself (unless it’s something really important or cool), and nothing sets off the office like something NEW to check out. I must say, with my cheap (ahem, free hand me down) purple shirt and the darker hair, my eyes seem to be bright today---the change between blue and green-ish—and even I notice them today…..maybe it’s my highlighted eyelashes? Do you think?

Happy Monday—more track meets this week---at least the weather is warmer, and I don’t have to take blankets to watch my kids run……

Oh, I spent the better part of yesterday (between hair coloring and food preparation) watching 'Deliver Me' on some cable channel in the 200's. I am not sure what was more interesting...the women having babies and their 'issues' or the doctor who is newly single, 38 and is having her ex husband (who's a doctor, too) freeze her eggs for future use should she feel the

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My Life My Life My Life said...

*sigh* considering we are in the same boat with the emotional 14 year old boys...I feel your pain. And WHAT IS UP with the girlfriends professing love and hoping we luv them??? Just like Okoye 'girlfriend' calling me 'mom'. Ummm no. If I havent given birth to you...dont call me mom.

I think your hair looks good...Its a change for you and want you just telling me last week 'change is so good!!!' well, maybe you didnt say that but something like that.