Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Child or Adult?

I want your HONEST opinion. What do you think of the proposals in Missouri and other states to allow people to drink at age 18 instead of 21. The ONLY valid argument I've heard so far to this is "if they can defend their country, they should be able to have a drink'. Maybe so, but that leads me to the feeling that CHILDREN should not be allowed to defend our country.

I was commenting on another post about my 17 yr old son. I was HOPING his one brain cell would multiply exponentially in the VERY near future, so he can manage to get through life alright.

I can't IMAGINE if he were allowed to drink. IN HIGH SCHOOL. I know, I know.....many kids DO drink in high school. I DRANK IN HIGH SCHOOL. My point is that he doesn't have the ability to think beyond the next minute, let alone how this would/could affect his future.

18 yr olds can join our armed forces, sign a contract and vote. But they can't drink or run for federal office (I don't think). This is for a REASON. They are still KIDS. Their brains don't fully mature for many more years. Give them the ability to purchase and consume alcohol, it just adds to a whole host of other things that they need to CONCENTRATE on...instead of growing up to be a reasonable adult, getting an education or a decent job...learning to manage money...learning to be a responsible citizen.........

I don't know...I'm pretty liberal in much of my thinking, but I also know my child, and he's not capable of reason right now. He's a great kid, has a job, gets ok grades, the adults love him......he's a great person...BUT not one that is ready for adult decisions or the adult world.

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