Saturday, April 19, 2008

Grill Season (Updated X 2)

It is supposed to be 63 here today---time for our first grilled meal of the year. In years past, Mr. Perfectly grilled in nearly ALL weather---but in recent history, we've gotten lazy. I've been on a soup and pasta kick, and those have been my 'go to' meals of late. We hardly grilled at all last year......I'm not sure why. We get our beef fresh from Perfectly's dad, who raises cows.....and we reap the benefits of a freezer full of lean, fresh, hormone/antibiotic free beef. But, believe it or not, I'm not a huge beef eater.....steak isn't my thought of a nice dinner out--I'll take seafood for that. But a juicy, TENDER steak is fine----steak sandwiches are great--but again TENDER is the key--I hate tough beef---ugh. He's low on beef, so we'll probably go with chicken today---I may buy a tri-tip steak to grill up very rare and put it up for sandwiches later--but one runs the risk of re-heating the steak too much and it's TOUGH. The goal would be to keep it pink, keep it hot, and tender--re-heating does not lend itself well to tender and pink....maybe I'll re-think the beef---I think he's totally out of hamburger---his burger is so good--and I don't like hamburger--it's lean and flavorful......he better hurry to get more!!

I'll be making a roasted vegetable cous cous for a side......I roast zucchini, tomatoes, onion, red/yellow peppers and mushrooms in a hot (450 or so) oven until they are roasty and cooked down....I make a box of cous cous with chicken broth instead of water---I add the roasted veg to the cous cous, and can you say FABULOUS??

What will YOU be doing on this pretty Saturday? Son #1 is working, and Son #2 is headed to his girlfriend's house--he'll go with her and her folks to her riding lesson and they'll hang out with her parents. I'll be cooking and cleaning, I am guessing........Happy Saturday Morning!!


New recipe from the Hy-Vee lady! I like to go to Hy Vee on the weekends just to see what she's got cooking.......she's different than the sample ladies---I mean she gives samples, and it is products I'm sure they want sold, BUT, she makes home-made dishes to sample--I don't know if they are her own creations, or if she has help, but so far, every one has been REALLY good (see Chicken Scallopini--that I now make weekly) This one is very easy and very little effort......

1 Pkg Hormel smoked center cut pork chops (very much like ham/canadian bacon)
1 yellow onion sliced
1 pkg button mushrooms sliced
garlic olive oil (or olive oil w/ garlic sauteed)

Brown the onions and mushrooms in garlic olive oil. Add the pre-cooked pork chops and saute just til hot. Serve.

HHEELLOOOOO?? Could that be any easier? Don't want pork? Buy a smoked chicken and use large meaty pieces instead of the pork. Don't want smoked? Use a regular boneless pork chop and brown it too........Cut up the pork and fork a mushroom and onion....mmmmm....that's what my sample was, and it was really good. And really easy. She even suggested to apply the same recipe at BREAKFAST and add eggs or pancakes. Now, since I'm not to big on breakfast, that didn't appeal to me as much, but for the breakfast lovers in the world, I can totally see how this would be awesome...for am breakfast, OR breakfast for dinner!

Enjoy! I can't wait each week to see what she has to offer! She always has wine samples too.....which is GREAT... I like my wine, but at 9:30 in the morning? That seems a little odd.....I mean maybe there are LOTS of people who start drinking wine at 9:30--who am I to judge? But it seems a LIIITTTLLLLEE early. Or at least too early to do it in PUBLIC!

Eat up--and thank the Hy-Vee lady!


Ok, in watching Food TV, one of the cooking shows had ROASTED VEG cous cous. I wish someone would give ME a show!!

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