Saturday, April 12, 2008

I cheated

on my dog....hahaha....did I have you wondering about my morals? My niece's mom got a new dog--a Pomeranian mix--I ran by their house to see the new dog. He is SO sweet. Friendly, too. He sits (kind of) on command and stands on his hind legs and dances when they ask. They adopted him from a shelter, so maybe some family is missing him...he certainly doesn't look neglected. I think he'll be happy in a busy house with kids of all ages to love and play with.

Anyway, after loving on the new pup, I came home and Buster proceeded to carefully sniff my hands....and GROWLED....he growled and showed his's funny. He gets really hurt and annoyed when Mr. Perfectly or I pet another dog......he gives us the aggressive treatment when he smells 'others' on us. I've never had a dog do this...they are always INTERESTED in the smell, but no other dog I've had actually acts aggressive and growls upon smelling the other dog.......

Oh....I did something WILD today......I got my EYELASHES tinted. Yeah!! Eyelashes. How COOL is that? I went to get my caterpillars eyebrows waxed. I decided at the last minute to get a manicure the beauty was $7.00 for the wax, and $7.50 for the manicure.......while waiting my turn, I read the 'menu' of esthetic services....and they have brown and eyelash my brows are thick and dark enough without enhancement, but my lashes, although relatively long, are light at the ends....I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my mascara, but on weekends I rarely use it....I'm lazy. So on a whim, I spent the extra $7.50 and got my eyelashes tinted. It doesn't give the fullness or texture to lashes that mascara does, but it does darken them so they aren't so blah looking when mascara isn't applied. It's supposed to last a couple of weeks or I'm really excited. At first I was mildly disappointed--not really 'disappointed', but I thought it would be more like's just my fine (as in texture, not fine as in lovely) lashes are darker--so they look not so puny without makeup.

Ok, we're off to wal-mart to look for new pillows for the Perfectly Family----happy Saturday!


Kathy said...

Hey, I found your blog while browsing through're dog sounds hilarious. I guess you won't be getting him a friend any time soon. :)

Perfectly Shelly said...

Kathy, he has a 'friend'. We've got 2 dogs, Buster and Copper---they are 'sort of' friends.....mainly when Buster wants to be , that is. Copper is more hyper and kind of stupid sometimes, but he's very loving and gentle, whereas Buster is.....well... demanding and snappy.....both are under 17 lbs.

Buster is hilarious--actually they both can be hilarious....but Buster especially. We have a cat, too....Joe. Oh, and I have 2 teenage boys as well......the fun NEVER stops around my house!

Thanks for reading...I appreciate it and the comments!!!!