Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dueling pedis and manis

Ok--GIRLS NIGHT.......yes, I know, it's been two weeks, but I've just been putting off the blog for some reason.....I get all in a hurry to POST, POST, POST, then lose the mojo or something.....but I'm back, and ready to tell tales.

Actually, girls night was a TON of fun, but it was relatively quiet (for once) nudity or unseemly antics--mostly just the 4 of us eating and drinking. Feel free to enlarge any photos to see what I'm talking about......

Here are the players: me (I'm in the hot pink--see the chapped upper lip? See the zit? See the faint redness of the neck?), Teenie, Marie (Teenie's sister) and Patty G
---we all met up around 7 at Teenies house. Teenie's living situation is.....well.....unconventional. She lives with her ex. Now, there are MANY reasons, and none of them are what you'd expect... it's not THAT kind of a living arrangement......she lives in his basement, which is nearly as big, and is nicer than her last house....she's with her kids, and it all works for the best....they maintain a good relationship and for what it matters to the world it works for THEM, so no more mention of it.....

The EX was kind enough to go see a movie and leave us girls to our own devices....we ate artichoke dip, pesto pasta, cheese bread, pizza and salad. Our goal, of course was game night and to drink. Marie wanted Midori sours---so we tried those, and we tried the Chica tea from Food Network. Teenie and Marie are big on 'theme', since we were eating pasta and pizza, it was "Italian Night" The food was great.

We talked, and laughed--earlier that day, Teenie and Marie spent quality 'sister' time together. They went and had pedicures. Marie is more of the Conservative type....when they did the toe nail polish, they wanted to paint flowers on their big toes. Teenie was all for it, Marie, not so much. Marie finally agreed to the flower, and the pedicure technician did a FABULOUS job....lots of swirls, and pretty looked like a real FLOWER. They put a tiny crystal in the center--it looked pretty awesome.....Teenie got a flower too.......mostly comprised of dots and a could TELL it was a flower, but it wasn't nearly elaborate as Marie's......Teenie said that during the pedicure, that Marie's pedi tech kept yelling at Teenie's tech in another language....Teenie asked what was wrong and the tech said the other lady wasn't satisfied with her rough skin between the lax buffing and the poorly designed flower, Teenie decided that Marie must have gotten the experienced technician, whereas Teenie got the apprentice.
We spent alot of time taking pictures of their toes--for comparison purposes, so all you foot fetish people, just go away.

We played "Catch Phrase" music edition.......It was pretty fun, and then we played a game called "Last Word", which despite the alcohol Patty G KICKED ASS at......nobody could get our words in....she ROCKED....we spent alot of time cracking up and I threatened to wake the EX up to get the Internet working so we could watch 'I'm fu&^%$# Matt Damon' and "I'm fu#@!(* Ben Affleck"....but alas, we didn't' bother the poor man for our own entertainment...I also wanted to 'live blog' while I was there, but Teenie didn't want me knocking on EX's door, curious to know why the wireless wasn't working. was a simple question........(smile).

Here's the funny thing.....Teenie and I went for a manicure on Saturday---she was treating me as a belated birthday present......and we decided to have a flower painted on our fingers.......just one.....and the experienced Tech that did Marie's toe showed us her own toe and asked us if we wanted a flower like hers....which we was lovely and they agreed, and we went for the full mani, paraffin dip and flower....I chose a lovely orange for my nail color.....and damn it, I'd just CUT them because one broke...way down in the quick, and I cut the rest short so my broken one wouldn't look so bad....they sort of looked at me like I was nuts for wanting a manicure....commenting more than once on my short nails, but I threw caution to the wind anyway...went with the orange sparkly color--which went on a very pleasant gold color.....I'm so glad I went with's out of my comfort zone without being NEON......

Here is a photo of my nails..we couldnt' get Teenies. I got wispy weeds, and Teenie got dippin' dots.
The 'experienced' tech went about making my wispy weeds, and ran off to do a pedicure...I suppose on people that had more WORTHY nails of painting.......and sent me off to dry......Teenie in the meantime had quite the earnest technician, promising her lovely flowers. He painstakingly worked and worked....probably nearly 20 minutes longer than my wisps took. I jealously watched him lovingly place gorgeous (so I thought) paintings on her it turned out, he did dots and dots and's pretty, but, I swear, it looks like dippin dots.

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