Friday, March 28, 2008

The Missouriness of it all

Earlier, in this post, I mentioned how the people of my community amaze me....and not not necessarily in a positive way.

On Monday, a student brought a pellet gun to Son #2's school. Another student told the administration, and 2 boys were subsequently punished (according to rumor). The local newspaper's open forum has citizens speculating, criticizing and berating the entire situation. My BFF Jakki forwarded me a post from an open forum from our local TELEVISION station website...and this, my friends, is why at times I'm embarrassed to explain where I live......Missouri and it's surrounding states, especially get mocked for the 'back woods' and rural attitudes. This comment, MADE IN A PUBLIC forum, though, is WHY these stereotypes exist (this is a quote taken verbatim from the public website):

pellet gun
i think when the kids comes to school they need to be checked at the doors that means bookpacks too and they need more law to help to check the kids out for any kinds of guys and knifes and lighters and smokes and drugs of any kind and if they have anything on them they should go to the police station and their partens need to be called in and get them from jail and they should make the kids go out all day when it is school time for week clean up the city street and if they get caught again make the kids spend time in jail to see how it feels behide the bars because it is not the mom and dads fault way the are now days and the kids do what they want all the time and thats the truth about it and if this stuff keeps i will not send my grandkids to school when they get older i will pay for home school and i know they will be safe at home and i don't let my oldest grandson play with anyone and he is 2 and half and when he gose out side i am with him all the time and i keep my eyes on him and his little brother and i will do the same thing when my granddaughter is born because it is not safe anywhere in this world and you all know thats the truth

Okay--I have several observations and questions. First: how many spelling mistakes to YOU see? Second: How many sentences are in the above comment? Third: Do you see any capital letters or punctuation? Fourth: The poor baby that can't play with other kids. And LASTLY, Who in the hell is going to home school these poor children? I certainly hope not the author of the above paragraph--if one can call it a paragraph. Now, I openly admit to my share of spelling mistakes (why oh why can't we edit our comments on other blogs? It would save me humiliation when I re-read my misspelled words..) and I do not correctly use punctuation. I take creative license here when trying to illustrate points.....but I certainly TRY to at least use rudimentary spelling and grammar. The above example is unbelievable to me.

When I went to the website to copy the above 'comment'....I found the following LOVELY gem:

I care
Yes, we may not be in high school anymore, but my child has a right to a GOOD SAFE ENVIORMENT to learn in. It may be a pellet gun today, but who is to say that tomorrow it might be a real one. I have a problem when my TAX $'s are not being spent the right way. Did you know that the science classes at L&C DO NOT HAVE books for their class! Why is that? We soon will be moving from this area Lord willing because of the school district! I do not want ANY of my 3 kids going to any of the upper schools in this district. The elementary schools are wonderful, but the upper schools are useless. Did you know that there have been large fights everyday this week w/ some of the students being led out in handcuffs! I know not every school district is wonderful, but I will not have my kids going to this district anymore. Heck, on April 25th, I heard the JC High School is supporting a Homosexual awareness day where they are PROMOTING THE HOMOSEXUAL LIFESTYLE. Is that what we send our kids to school for!!!! NO NO NO, not w/ my TAX MONEY!

GASP.....NOT a HOMOSEXUAL awareness day? Heaven forbid that our youth should be taught responsibility, respect and diversity. It mortifies me to think that people in my own community are so closed minded and judgemental. I'm proud that my kids attend a public school. I'm proud that our public schools promote awareness and recognize that not all students come from the same cookie cutter. That they are different, unique and special and should be ACCEPTED regardless of their sexual preference, or other 'different' attributes.

Welcome to Missouri. Please don't think EVERYONE here is so closed minded.

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