Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The OCD of it all

Jonniker, yesterday, brought up several topics for discussion. I love her blog since she engages you to converse…to comment….it’s brilliant. Of course, I get all these ideas to type myself, and again get that whole ‘blog fear’ thing of am I stealing? Am I unable to form an idea on my very own? Will the blogger that inspired my topic be offended? It’s all too much to take in…I am a virgin blogger and I don’t know the rules….so hopefully someone will set me straight if I’m committing cardinal sins, or something.

Ok, Jonniker…I don’t wash my undies with my regular clothes. Clothes of like colors are washed together. I will, however, wash similarly colored socks with regular laundry. I wash ‘whites’ in HOT with BLEACH. This includes undies---of all colors and any kitchen towel. I’ve learned to try not to wash my bras in hot w/ bleach, because the purpose of a bra is to carry the weight of the girls in a proper manner, and hot water and bleach tend to reduce the effectiveness of this ability ……but I DON’T LIKE washing bras w/ regular clothes….not one bit. Let’s just say—dark, and MOIST. Shudder.

I’ve discussed my loathing of general household chores here. This leads to FURTHER question of my sanity, ( I am somewhat of a germaphobe) because, I will re-use a towel (my own towel)—they take up SO much room in the laundry, and a couple of uses won’t matter, BUT, I must have a towel with a tag. The tag always stays at the top of the body, so I can tell the ‘top’ of the towel from the bottom. I do not wipe my face or body with the parts of the towel that dry the nether regions…..ewwwww. I’m pretty obsessive about my towels…..don’t let any stray boys wipe their toothpastey mouths on my towel either……garrghhhhhh. I also do not enjoy SHARING a hand towel. I dread the bathroom in other people’s homes because I do not KNOW who has used the hand towel. If people have their ‘nice’ towels displayed for guest use, and all folded pretty..I use the BACK fold of the towel, in hopes that other people don’t suffer the same issues I have, and they used the FRONT. They should make pretty disposable towels for guest use.......

I will, however kiss my dog....but I don't like to share bottles, straws or eating utensils with anyone. So, as you can see, I'm a plethora of contrasts.

What about you? Do you have any 'issues'? Do you have things within you that are stark contrasts? Do tell!!


Mr. Perfectly said...

They do make the perfect towel for that. They are called paper towels. :-) Of course that is getting into my OCD.

jonniker said...

HAHAHAHAAHA, awesome. Okay first of all, no -- I would NEVER EVER be offended if someone wrote a post inspired by something I said or wrote. Ever. It's flattering, and I imagine anyone with half a brain would feel the same way.

Onward to hygiene: Though we differ on undies washing, I will tell you that I have the same hand towel issues that you do. I will reluctantly use the back if I must, but ONLY if I must. I will illogically try to use the legs of my pants first.

Jakki said...

Mr. Perfectly...I thought the EXACT same thing!