Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Although I doubt if I'm really the 'authority' on the subject, it's my feeling that our small city doesn't have many, well....'houses of ill repute'. I know because we are the Capitol city of my state and because we have legislators, that these services exist, but where and how, I'm just not clear. I also am always shocked by 'drug busts' in our community...I mean, I'm not naive enough to think it doesn't exist, but major 'busts'?

Anyway, there is one 'Adult shop' that cropped up in a residential neighborhood a couple of years back. It was all the scandal when it opened it's doors. After a period of time, it became a 'juice bar' with live dancers. No alcohol license, therefore alcohol isn't supposed to be served. Again, SCANDAL ENSUED in our community.

Recently, the 'juice bar' was the subject of a STING OPERATION....a sting operation in my little midwestern town? It seems like something like that should be reserved for big cities or something...maybe where prominent Governors are?

This sting operation involved the local sheriff's office calling to arrange a 'room' for a party. "Dancers" and a mattress were to be provided. Oh, and they were welcome to bring their own booze. So, the officers showed up, the girls showed up, and performed 'sex acts' which weren't specified--although I believe it may have been with each other. Now tell me......just how many offficers sat in the assignment room holding their hands up HIGH in the air saying "Oh, Oh, OH, Pick me....Pick me". Seriously....hookers AND booze on the job?

Oh, on a sidenote, hookers, party or not...would you really want a mattress provided for you? I'm assuming in the 'party' room.......so was it in plain view? Were there clean sheets? Hasn't anyone seen the Dateline NBC stories and the 20/20 reports on how disgusting public mattresses are? And I'm not sure I'd want a room full of my closest pals to watch me 'get it on' so to speak.

Ever since the big bust, the local newspaper has been FULL of comments in their online forum. I entertain myself by reading this forum. The bored, uneducated, gossipy people seem to find great comfort in blasting our city, it's residents and each other. I'm appalled at the grammar, spelling and general 'redneckness' of it all. I don't know.....for example one young lady, who I'm SURE knows what's really behind the 'sting', said something like (now, mind you, I'm paraphrasing) the fact that one of the 'prostitutes' that was arrested was from Romania, and the writer went to SCHOOL with the now prostitute, and she was 'like that' in Middle School......a second poster, who I'm sure was even MORE in the know, said that even girls in 'third world countries' don't behave like that. Now, I'm assuming she was referencing the FIRST poster and her comment about the prostitute being from Romania. Since when is Romania a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY?

Oh, and the tension between the people POSTING in this very public, newspaper forum. The 'regulars' all act like they are SO in the know about goings on in the
city.....they post every day, and argue like children.......

So, if your local newspaper has an open public form, I'd highly recommend you read it. The one here, at least, provides many baffled head shakes and lots of giggles. Yours may too!

Has anyone else noticed that Gov. Spitzer's wife looks like Mary McDonnell (from Dances with Wolves)?


My computer capabilities aren't great, so I'm not even going to TRY to label each photo....the left is Mary McDonnell, and the right is Silda Spitzer. I kept staring at her during newscasts wondering why she looked so familiar.

Chicken Scallopini again for dinner. I'd highly recommend it. It's awesome.

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