Monday, March 24, 2008

Let's party like it's 2011

How was your Easter? Mine was lovely. My BFF Teenie's apparently was in the future.

She joined us for Easter Sunday Dinner of Ham, spinach salad, rice casserole, homemade rolls and corn at Perfectly's dad's house. She brought 2 desserts--fabulous. We gorged ourselves on food, and made fun smalltalk over dinner. We drank a nice bottle of Stone Hill winery wine that was quited aged (with sediment)....but further label reading indicated that it was best consumed when 'young'.....oh tasted good anyway....She began telling us of her recent 'ski' trip to a man made mountain in St. was quite the ordeal, where she was heavily bruised and battered.

She confessed to taking old muscle relaxers that she had when she threw out her back "in 2011". I asked her...'in 2011?", and she said YES....remember when I messed my back up when I bent over to get groceries out of the car (making fun of herself for torquing her back while doing a simple task)....I stared at her, amazed...and she was all
'WWHHHHAAAAATT??? YOU'VE taken old medicine before haven't you???" Again, I looked at her amazed and put my hand on her arm and said, "Teenie, we haven't REACHED 2011 yet" She CRACKED up and realized what she'd said....and, backpedaling, said the muscle relaxers were from 2001.........hahahahaha.

Perfectly's dad moved the wine.

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