Saturday, March 8, 2008


Have I mentioned I'm fat? Well, in case I haven't, I am. That's not to garner any sympathetic "Oh no you aren't"s, because facts are facts. I know what I see when I look in the mirror, and,'s quite obvious. So, I often fret over how I look in different clothing.

Anyway, tonight is a 'girl's night at Teenies. I have a cute shirt that I bought a couple of weeks ago that she hasn't seen. See, she's my cheerleader....she's the one who trys to ENCOURAGE me to look my buy clothes that aren't too big.....and baggy......things that look nicer. Therefore, I want to wear my very cute pink shirt. So, this morning I embarked on the task that gets most removal.

Poor Mr. Perfectly--he gets what he gets, but OH, when the GIRLS get together, one must be CUTE. So I broke out the razor and handled the legs and underarms---yep, the legs weren't a pretty sight. I towel dried myself and went in for the kill.....the fine hairs on my neck and upper lip that I hate so dearly. I pluck the coarser ones on the neck, but lordy pete.....I've got more hair there than many men do.....sheesh. So, I got out the trusty facial hair remover creme. Applied, and waited the requisite 4 minutes, and wiped off w/ a damp cloth.

Oh, the redness...the burning sensation. I wiped and wiped, and went to apply the special 'after' creme that comes in the kit. I grabbed the HAIR REMOVER instead and slathered that on by mistake.....more burning...I quickly wiped it off and got the correct creme, but not until either side of my neck looked like Mr. Perfectly gave me whisker burn with his goatee.

Oh, did I mention the zit under my right nostril that's the size of MONTANA? Mr. Perfectly asked 'wasn't California bigger than Montana" you get the picture. So much for 'cute' and hair free. Try burned and zitty. BUT, Hair free.

I went to Wal Mart and bought some green aloe gel---and when I got home, the redness had toned WAYYYYY down...I was so happy, but it felt burn-ish, so I wanted to relieve that feeling---but even the ALOE burned like hell....I ended up with the red, icky skin all over again.

Slowly but surely, it's subsiding, but it won't be gone completely by time to go to Teenies. I've forewarned her, and she said not to worry. They'll laugh at we ought to be in for a fun sort of night.

Oh, don't worry, there WILL be photos. Even of me and my clownish neck and pimple under the nose.

Until later..........

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jakki said...

I beg your pardon..didnt I play Clint from What Not to Wear on your birthday?? Or was I Stacie?? I supported you and yours girls being shown...