Thursday, March 27, 2008


Do you believe in ghosts? I don't. That is until the GHOST HUNTERS, Jason and Grant come on Wednesday nights (on the SciFi) and CONVINCE me that there must be 'something' out there. I routinely freak myself out watching them and the TAPS team hunting the paranormal--the hair on the back of my neck prickle and I get that out of breath feeling. They go to purported 'haunted' locations with the goal of 'debunking' the alleged paranormal activity. They claim that they can explain away 80% of 'hauntings'. They supposedly only find 20% of cases to be true 'hauntings' or paranormal activity.

The TAPS team creeps around with high tech equipment. Electromagnetic Field meters, cameras, night vision cameras, recording devices and of course the ever present camera crew--who ALSO have 'personal experiences'. The camera crew has even been ATTACKED.......

My favorite episode to date is a lighthouse in St. Augustine Florida.....I SAW a black figure peering over the upper was super creepy.

I've been disappointed of late in recent episodes....there hasn't been ANY action...until LAST NIGHT'S SHOW. They got some good 'evidence', once again making my creepy meter shift towards the believer side.

Ok, I have some questions, though. First, WHY must they ghost hunt in the DARK? Huh? Why don't they look for ghosts and ghostly activity in the daylight where people can SEE IT? And how are disembodied voices captured on tape, but people can't hear them?

Now, I admire the TAPS team for their show investigate in try to 'debunk' instead of going in with pre-conceived notions of ghosts. To take pity on families with traumatized children. All quite admirable. However, in between creepy episodes, I revert to the 'NAH' side of the coin.

Now, Mr. Perfectly has had to perform his share of late night house squelch my unreasonable fears...he searches for mysterious smoke smells and funny noises.......he's quite patient with me, but I suspect that each Wednesday, as I DVR the latest Ghost Hunter episode, he sighs and wonders if he'll get a good nights sleep or not.

So, tell you have ghost stories? Do you have photographic PROOF? I anxiously await your responses.......tell me ALL about it.......I can't wait to hear about/see your ghosts.

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Susan said...

Hi Shelly! (this is my 1st blog comment)

You need to check out the Missouri Paranormal Research Society ( and the experience of Stephen LaChance in the Union haunting. This is in your backyard I believe. Also, this group did quite a few investigations in MO, all reported on their website, and captured some remarkable photos. Check it out!!