Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Drunk Dialing

Jakki gave me an assignment to look up 'drunk calling' this evening. Apparently I'm not nearly as drunk as she thinks I am, because when you google Drunk Calling, one finds that it's actually called DRUNK DIALING.

Now......I never get drunk. I'm afraid of throwing up, but I do enjoy a little happiness at the expense of my wine spritzers sometimes. , So, Jak, I'm unsure why you thought I needed a lesson in drunk dialing, but just for you I looked it up. I do not think I fit the criteria of drunk dialing, since google said something about outrageous propositions and making a fool of onesself.....I think I was just fine.

While trying to find something on the tee vee tonight, I was drinking my wine and watching the STYLE channel....who hosts the show "Ruby", that I adore. She's funny and beautiful. But anyway.......Noah Wylie was on with some damn commercial about the plight of the polar food is short, and the momma bears may not be able to provide for the baby bears. It showed a momma (I assume...) and her baby floating on a lone piece of glacier that most probably broke off due to global warming. They look all lonely and hungry. Of course, they want money to send to the wildlife foundation to save the polar bears.

The stupid commercial people do this to those of us who may be VULNERABLE (i.e. drinking wine alone in a dark house) and will send money that WE DON'T HAVE to save the MOMMA AND HER BABY. It's a sick and twisted game.

Here's a shoutout to a childhood friend that I sent a facebook message to! HI!!!!!! Just in case she reads this.

I've known this girl since 5th grade. She's funny, and I miss seeing her. She lives in another city now, and Jakki and I have found out over the years that we BOTH know her.....seque into the chorus of 'IT'S A SMALL WORLD'.

Anyway, if she reads this, she'll know I'm talking about her.

I know I've promised photos. I haven't delivered. I just feel so BLAH about pictures. They seem so lame compared to the exciting lives I read about on my blog friends' pages. I didn't go to blogher...I didn't recently have a baby...I'm not remodeling my house and am just getting a fabulous doggie.........I'm not planning a work party and I'm not pregnant. I'm just me. Boring me. Drunk dialing my friends in hopes they'll understand my polar bear dilemma!!!!

Stoogie...You haven't been reading lately....but I need to know if YOU know anything about photography as art. Mr. P is a good photographer, and how does one get their work 'out there'???? Our city has a couple of small local galleries, but i don't know the LEAST about art, photos or how to get something set up for you?

I'll send you an email, too, begging for your expertise!!

That's it for now, Kids.



Daisee579 said...

You crack me up! I love that you googled drunk dialing. I can tell you that some phones really should come with breathalyzers. Not that I've ever drunk dialed. Not me. Nope. LOL

My Life My Life My Life said...


outrageous propositions and making a fool of onesself wanted to save the polar bears!! not feed the a forest nor do away with animal pick Save the Polar Bears! (not that polar bears do NOT deserve saving, so please do not get me wrong, and/or send hate mail...)

stoogepie said...

I'm reading now, though. I am finally writing a comment, too. Here goes:

Yo you. Zup zup?

To break into art, you need an agent or a lockpicking kit. A crowbar is handy either way.

Art is about starving your way to the top. Even in today's digital world, most professional photographers go to film school and learn darkroom techniques, light physics, film chemistry, and all that other crap. Maybe that's valuable, but I think an important part of it is just getting a lot of pictures under your belt and really examining those photos. My suggestion: Mr. Perfectly should shoot a hell of a lot of pictures. Then he should sell some as stock to someplace like Getty Images or Corbis. I don't think it takes much to start selling at some places like The best of those stock photos are generic but have a lot of energy and style and are compositionally rich and interesting. And he may as well sell his photos: people use photo blogs and Flickr as resources for free stock photography anyway. You may as well get paid for it. Anyways, I think you learn a lot from seeing what sells and finding the hidden drama and potential energy in photographing a stack of apples. With those creds, he can move on to selling to magazines. But, like a said, you starve your way to the top. You need to constantly create, to keep it all fresh, and to accept pennies on every dollar you spend on supplies and equipment before someone else ever wants to pay you a bundle to compromise your artistic vision.

Those poor polar bears. But polar bears do not really need money so much. They need polar bear food and martinis. And maybe, due to global warming, they need hats to help them stay cool. Won't you send a polar bear momma and her baby a couple of hats with wide brims to keep the sun from beating on their sweaty brows? Please send hats now.

Mr. Perfectly said...

Drinkin and Dialin