Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MAH BABY is 16!!

Just LOOK at him. Isn’t he adorable? He’s a great kid. He’s funny, smart, handsome, engaging, and all around awesome.

We will be going this afternoon to get his driver’s license. YIKES. That means I’ll have to deal with adding him to our insurance. OUCH. He went to six flags yesterday, so this week will prove to be a fun one. It usually is since his birthday falls near the 4th of July!! There’s always FIREWORKS and BARBEQUE in the mix, too!!

Today is my Friday. I’ll be leaving work today at 1 to get the driver’s license, and from then on….I’m free!! Until MONDAY!!
My uncle will be coming here for the 4th…so that will also be fun!!

Send good 16th birthday wishes this way, and of course MONEY!!

Toodles, and happy Wednesday to everyone!!


Daisee579 said...

So cute!! You have two absolutely adorable sons! I even think #2 looks a bit more like you :) (you know you're a sexy B)

Happy Birthday Son2!! I hope you got your license yesterday.

And happy 4th perfectlies!!!!

MsDarkstar said...

Happy Sweet 16 (yes, I believe that applies to BOTH genders!) and hope that the license was obtained (with minimal damage to the Perfectly budget)