Sunday, August 2, 2009

Artsy News!!!

So.....remember Mr. P's Worldwide Photo Walks he went on a couple of weeks ago? One in Columbia, MO., and and one at the Lake of the Ozarks, MO.???? The object of this was to have as many communities that wanted to participate in a photo walk all on the same day.

Each participant submitted their two favorite photos to the local walk co-ordinator. They and/or the ones deemed in charge chose their favorite shot of the whole group and that shot will be submitted to the WORLDWIDE contest of photos. I showed you here the photos that Mr. P submitted to each walk.

He got notification on Friday that one of his photos from the Lake Walk was chosen to be submitted to the WORLDWIDE contest. AND, his second photo, was chosen for an honorable mention. The Honorable Mention photos don't get anything, but it's still a testament to his ability, I think!!!

So, go check it out! The winning photo from the Lake is the "Lonely Bumper Car" and the "Skee Ball" was the honorable mention. Personally, my favorite was the 'Skee Ball', but I think his was the 'Lonely Bumper Car".

He won a digital photography book and an 8x10 print of his winning photo.

He's over the moon with excitement. This is something he LOVES, and although family and friends all love his photos, this is just an additional boost to his own knowledge that he's good.

He's not heard from the Columbia, MO. walk coordinator. He feels like he won't win anything there.......although I don't know why, but that's the sense that he personally has. But it really doesn't matter, because one of HIS photos will be submitted to the WORLDWIDE walk contest. That is just too cool for words.

Go Mr. P!!!!!!

Go the Artsy post and check them out. Which is YOUR favorite?

Toodles for now.


MsDarkstar said...

I really liked the "Lonely Bumper Car". They were all good but the "Lonely Bumper Car" was very "artsy".

Daisee579 said...


My favorite is still the windows one, but I do like all of them a lot! I'm really glad he took the risk and entered the contest. And now look! How exciting.

stoogepie said...

Congratulations to Mister Perfectly!

Like Daisee579, I really love the windows photo. But I went back to look at the pictures again and the judges have damn good eyes: Lonely Bumper Car is pretty spectacular and stands out as the one picture that is most emotionally bittersweet.

When he wins the worldwide contest, I hope he gets to publish a photography book or something.