Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So, I’ve mentioned on many occasions that my house is pretty small. This is fine with us, but when we have people over, it can become an issue. My house is also sort of the dumpy one on the block. The one that needs painting and to have a front porch replaced. We’re probably reducing the property values of all of our neighbors.

Ph.D. and Hubs came over last night for dinner. I tried to be prepared, so I could hang out with them instead of run around sweating and cooking and huffing……because, I huff when I’m agitated.

Ph.D. is my lifelong best friend. I’ve known her since I was 11 and probably other than my own family and husband, I feel the most comfortable around her. She knows me….I know her…..we ‘get’ each other…..all that stuff. So to have her at my not so picture perfect abode is fine with me. She’s seen it all with me……

But, for some reason, last night, I was nervous. Nervous about the food….about the fact we are BORING people…I don’t know what to do to entertain…….It just seemed all wrong for some reason. Not them, but me. Why was I nervous around Ph.D. of all people? I felt like I should be putting on a dinner party…when we aren’t dinner party kind of people. We are TV addicted people.

Their puppy, Lester, horked on the dogbed we have in our living room. I think they thought I’d freak out….because you know I’ve that issue w/ vomiti ng. I SWEAR, other than it’s a little gross, dog and cat puke doesn’t set me off like people puke. I can’t catch anything from the dogs……..whereas, I can from people. They fretted a little over me and the dogbed, which made me fret that they were fretting…….now if the Hubs had horked on the dogbed, we may have had to discuss their immediate departure….but aside from a little cleaner and some papertowels, the dog hork was a non incident.

I guess it’s like when your kid does something at someone elses home…….you feel like your kid did something wrong or whatever…….so, Ph.D……don’t worry about dog hork.

Anyway, my cutsie retro dinner was fine, but not spectacular. I guess I wanted 60’s hippies dancing in the room or something…I don’t know. They ate, so I suppose that’s as successful as necessary……..

Let’s back up a little to their Sunday afternoon visit. They brought Stella and Lester over and our cat, Joe, who is quite used to OUR dogs, decided to hide under Mr. Perfectly’s chair. He’s normally not a hidey cat, but then again, we don’t normally have bigger dogs hanging out in the living room either. Dogs that are strangers to Joe. The afternoon went smoothly, except for our sweet natured pup, Copper, decided he was going to go all ALPHA DOG on Lester…….Copper was being a bully and it wasn’t nice.

Then Lester realized there was something FURRY under the chair. He’d cautiously peer, trying to get another glimpse of whatever resided there. He let out these hysterical hound-ish, baying barks. He was obsessed with whatever was under there. He and Stella LOVE chasing rabbits, so we can only imagine what he must be THINKING was under that chair. Was it a RABBIT of his very own?

We coaxed Joe out and took him downstairs, but pretty soon he crept up the stairs and peeked through the railings……..he sat there for quite some time. Joe is ornery. Joe knows when our own dogs will be annoyed by him. He pounces on them, then looks around the room with an expression that says “Whhhaaattt??? I didn’t do anything”. His ears were back, so we know he was wary of the strangers, but he had that GLIMMER in his eyes , the little pot stirrer.

Lester caught sight of him, and ran to the stairs……Stella following. Joe ran away from them , but the hunt was on. They didn’t go downstairs at first…..but they stood at the top of the stairs and whined. Pretty soon, Joe crept back up the staircase and peeked through at them (the little shit that he is) and it was OFF TO THE RACES…..Lester and Stella chased Joe down the stairs and over to where his food dish sits. At one point, Lester had Joe cornered….with Joe hissing and smacking his clawless paws at the pup.

Later we tried to get them to officially ‘meet’, but Joe wasn’t having any of it.

So, last night during most of the evening, the cat was locked up in our room. He began to scratch to get out, so son #2 quietly took him downstairs to where his litter and food are. We didn’t see him for a while, so we hoped he realized the dogs were there, and was minding his own business.

During dinner, here comes Joe. He must not have known that Stella and Lester were there……..and CHAOS ensued when he ventured into our tiny dining room……..dogs running, barking, cats racing to safety……..people jumping to corral dogs, lights being unplugged by racing animals……it was FUN!!! Again, I think Ph.D. and hubs were worried that their dogs were misbehaving….they have them trained well. And once again, we are the backwards ones with the poorly behaved dogs….the ones that bark, jump up on guests and try to LICK them……

Stella and Lester just thought Joe was a rabbit to chase…..they don’t know he lives there….they probably didn’t even know he was a cat….it was a furry creature that RAN FROM THEM………what else were they to do?

Joe can get away…he can jump up on things so he can’t be caught…….easily, at least. It serves him right for being such an adorable little cuss……..maybe next time he’ll leave the big dogs alone!!

Toodles for now………..

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My Life My Life My Life said...

Well..considering my Miyagi-son tried to hump you, then kiss you, then tried to climb into your lap...I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLy must have unruly pets...LOL

You worry TOO much... PH.D loves you....and all your unrulinessness...(that's a word I SWEAR)