Monday, July 6, 2009

The Remote Starter


Son #2 turned 16 last Wednesday. He got his driver's license (with a 94%), and is insured (ouch). We are slowly letting him drive on his own (scary).....

We celebrated with a family dinner on Friday night at the local Italian place that we all like (Dominico's), and had ALOT of fun.

The 1991 Ford truck that Son #1 drove for 2 and a half years has been passed down to Son #2. We bought a keychain and put his keys on it, and presented him with his very own keys to 'his' truck. He looked at the keychain--which has a LED flashlight in it--and said "I didn't know the truck had a remote starter" which the entire table CRACKED UP......because it's a NINETEEN NINETY fancy fobs from the vehicles of the 'old days'.

Ah, the joys of youth.......he was clueless until we shined the flashlight in his face.......hahahaha

So, how was your Fourth of July? Ours was fun---rainy, but fun. We went outside around 8:30 and proceeded to have a HUGE thunderstorm pop lasted around 30 minutes, and we went back out to the bug filled, hazy air, and the kids (and Mr. Perfectly) shot their fireworks. We watched the bats dive bomb the bugs, and watched the supposed FABULOUS fireworks fizzle out.....

But that's what home-set fireworks are supposed to laughingly disappointing! The boys had fun.....boys....fuses.....explosive powder and fire always is fun for them!!!!

We had family come in from Nebraska to join in, and had good friends over, too. You can't beat that.....good family...good friends....good food and fun.

I swear, I have dorm room pictures, Hooters pictures, and Dock Dogs pictures. I've just been TOO LAZY to deal with the undertaking of uploading them (or is it downloading....I never understand that). Although great strides have been made in the computer age, it still takes a while to load pictures.......and I have a short attention I've been avoiding my promised pictures.

I must say, it's been an exciting week, with driver's licenses and all, but it's still remained relatively quiet.

I'll post pictures soon.....really.

Toodles for now!!


Dingo said...

I can only imagine his face when you shone the "remote starter" into his eyes. That's hilarious! You should have told him that the car was so old it didn't run on gas. You have to use your feet Flintstones style.

Glad you had a great July 4th.

Daisee579 said...

Congrats to Son 2 on getting his license on the first try.

I love Dingo's suggestion about the Flintstones style too!

Our 4th was uneventful as well. We did some stuff around the house, pigged out, listened to the dogs bark nonstop due to fireworks, etc. Hub left for a two-week business trip on Sunday, so I moped about and watched movies :)