Monday, July 13, 2009


Do any of you food lovers ever watch Simply Homemade with Sandra Lee (I think that’s what it’s called)? It worries me that she has ‘COCKTAIL TIME’ freakishly often. However, it also worries me how often I refer to myself consuming wine or other imbibments.

Anyway, I made up my very own cocktail recipe the other day. It was AWFUL. I had awesome intentions……and really thought it would be successful. How woefully, and expensively wrong I was.

I am growing Chocolate Mint. Actually Mr. Perfectly planted it for me, but I go cut it when I want to use it. So, one Saturday I was thinking of ways to utilize my Chocolate Mint. I decided that some sort of Raspberry/Chocolate cocktail would be lovely.

Now, I don’t do frozen drinks. I get the Ice Cream Headache when I drink them, so I avoid them at all costs, but I particularly love fruity RUM drinks. I decided to make a version of a MOJITO…and I muddled together some fresh (frozen) raspberries, a little sugar and my chocolate mint. MUDDLE, MUDDLE, TOIL AND TROUBLE…or something like that.

I added some rum and some sparkling soda (Yes, I used diet 7-up---I don’t like club soda).

The result was something tasting like children’s cough syrup. I’ve tried regular mojito’s and they fail as well.

What am I doing WRONG?

Paula Deen even took mint and covered the individual mint leaves with chocolate and made her own little mints—and I’m SCARED Internet….I’m afraid that I”ll have little cough medicine nuggets!!



Whiskeymarie said...

Even though I don't usually like sweet drinks, Mojitos need a little bit, usually in the form of a simple syrup. To make: Equal parts sugar & water, cooked just until the sugar dissolves. Cool, save any extra in the fridge for future use. I'd start with 1-2 T. per drink, adding more or less as you like.

This might solve the problem? Maybe?
Chocolate mint smells awesome, but can be tricky to use. I think the chocolate-dipped leaf thingy should be yummy.

Good luck!

Whiskeymarie said...

I just realized that you said you used some sugar- maybe it all sunk to the bottom? For drinks, this is why I use simple syrup- it incorporates better.

If this doesn't work, the chocolate mint may be too strong- use a bit less next time. If this doesn't work just pour yourself a tall, frosty mug of wine with a bendy straw.

Dingo said...

You used chocolate mint and diet 7-Up you're wondering why your mojito tasted like third rate moonshine?

I haven't tried this version but it comes with a video! Let us know how it works out.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Diet 7-up is way better and lemon-limey-er than the bland, dull taste of water....with bubbles.

I'm telling you, it was the combo of rum, raspberries and mint.

I give up and shall resort to my boxed sangria flavored wine. Maybe I'll make a potpourri of my mint or something. Maybe it'll help with the doggie smell that I fear lives in my house.

Daisee579 said...

I don't know squat about chocolate mint vs. regular mint. I do know that I would be a willing participant in the Shelly kitchen school of drink mixing. I'll be a taste tester. Well, in January or February. I heart rum to no end :)

Anonymous said...

I saw you comment about the favorite boxed Sangria. I know.. lurker here but I had to chime in as I was wondering if the brand from Target is what you are referring to. If so, I have to agree with you that is some darn tasty Sangria. I've found it's only available in the summer so I stock up at the end of the season. Maybe that's not what you were referring to and then well you might want to try it. A slice of lemon and orange and it's like a vacation in a glass.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Hi Anonymous!!! It's Franzia Fruity Red Sangria (or something like that). All of our grocery store don't carry it, so we have to search it out..........

Hey....and if you ever want to not be anonymous, just holla!!! If you lurk, you KNOW how much i crave the blogger buddies!!!!

thanks for chiming in!n I'll try the Targer sangria......I'm intrigued!!