Monday, July 27, 2009


My husband is artsy. I am not. We sort of switch roles in certain situations. Like I have an obsession with the remote. I must be in control of it, otherwise, well...I feel......out of control........he tends to want to re-arrange the furniture, and make things nice. Whereas I am happy if it is relatively clean. Decorating is nice...and I definately have a particular 'style', but it 100% is NOT reflected in my house.

He went on 2 photo walks on July 18th. It was the Worldwide Photo Walk. He loves photography, and is pretty good at it. For lack of sophisticated equipment, he does a really nice job. One was early in the day in Columbia, Mo., and the 2nd was in the evening at the Lake of the Ozarks. He's entered 2 photos from each walk to try to win like $1700 in prizes.

Here are the photos he entered (click pic for larger version):

Lonely Bumper Car - Lake Ozark, MO Photo Walk

Skee Ball - Lake Ozark, MO Photo Walk

Vespa - Columba, Mo Photo Walk

Reflective Window - Blue Shutter

Aren't they GOOD?

Toodles for now......


Daisee579 said...

Those are great pictures. I wish Mr. the best of luck! I think my favorite is the window one.

My hub takes a ton of pictures too. I want him to set up a page like Crissy's Pimp, but so far, he hasn't done it. Now that we'll have a new member of the family to take pictures of, I really hope he'll do it - our family is spread all over the country, so it'd be nice for them to get to see the little one :)

My Life My Life My Life said...

I love the bumper car!

Perfectly Shelly said...

I like the's my fave.

stoogepie said...

These photos are all pretty awesome. I love the Skee Ball photo, but the Reflective Window photo is technically perfect and rich with contrast and intrigue. It really is a brilliant piece of work.