Friday, July 10, 2009

Who says pork fat rules?

Okay, so I'm not a huge pork fan. I know, I like to cook, therefore, I should love the pig. But I don't. Pork is, well.....I don't know....tough, dry and many times 'BLECH'. I know, I must not be preparing it properly, but I just don't love it. I love it crock potted and pulled in a sauce topped with COLE SLAW, but grilled, baked or pan fried? Nope.

I do like bacon. But apparently I'm a bacon snob, because I ran to Wal-Mart today to avoid 5 pm traffic, and didn't know what kind of bacon to buy. I decided on the Wal-mart looked meaty and was reasonably priced. YEAH......NO. It was like frying up some tissue paper strips. It's thin, and stuck to the pan, and I am NOT happy. I buy KRETSCHMAR brand bacon. I do not like sweet bacon. I do not like thick sliced bacon. I like Kretschmar bacon.

This foreign stuff was just not what I am used to. (pout)

Anywho, it was Farmer's Market day again. I got a whole bunch of tomatoes, some peppers, some onion and some cucumbers. Who says farmer's markets are cheap? I spent $20.....$10 on tomatoes. I can't wait til Perfectly's Dad's garden grows and we get our own........

So, we are having classic BLT sandwiches for dinner.....with substandard bacon.

Oh well.......the cheap wine spritzer's I'm making will make up for it!!

It's Friday night!! Toodles!


Whiskeymarie said...

Holy crap, I love me some pork- any which way I can get it. Sauteed, braised, grilled, cured, etc...

Personally, I like thick-sliced bacon, but really- any way I can get my bacon fix is AOK with me.

MsDarkstar said...

You need to watch Mr. POSSLQ's pork roast video. It's fun even if you don't make the pork! I picked up the trick of using the Jamaican Jerk sauce for pulled pork sandwiches from you (we don't do the slaw cuz I am allergic to cabbage)

But, honestly, I'm more a beef gal, myself.

Daisee579 said...

When I met my hub, he was basically a vegetarian. Except for Memphis BBQ. He could put back his weight in BBQ - pulled pork specifically.

Now, with the alien inside me, I can't stand BBQ, the smell of pork, the taste, nothing. Poor boy is having to go through BBQ withdrawals, because while we didn't eat it every day, we ate it at least every other month (we don't have great BBQ in this town). I guess we're all making sacrifices, right? LOL