Thursday, June 25, 2009

Waiting for Stoogie to comment

I am constantly amazed by the blogging community I belong to. When I embarked on this blog endeavor, I never expected ANYONE to EVER read my posts except maybe my husband and friend, Jakki. I do not have a huge following, BUT the people that do follow me are like real FRIENDS…….they seem to respect me….they seem to laugh with me, and support me if I’m down. It’s amazing. I know everyone always talks about the dangers of ‘putting’ oneself ‘out there’….on the INTERENET…..that it’s DANGEROUS.

And, I suppose it could be. But since my little blog title is a portion of my name, and I often refer to where I live, and where I work….it’s not hard to find me. And so far, nobody has been untoward, stalkerish or frightening in any way.

I truly enjoy the rapport I have with many of my online friends. I feel like I could drop in on any one of you and have a cup of coffee and pick up like we really KNOW each other. I like that feeling.

I read a blog earlier today from one of my good blog buddies. One that would like to MEET ME in real life……..and she’s struggling right now…….which makes me sad. I think she’s awesome. And true to form, StoogePie (who’s my Stoogie) left her a beautiful comment. So, now I’m waiting for mine (hint hint, Stoogie).

I love you guys……and thank you for the chance to meet up with all of you….and for sticking with me and what I figured would be a boring little blog. I mean, who cares about a Midwestern mom of two teenagers in an incredibly happy marriage……….who likes to cook…….I mean, really…..YAWN. But y’all seem to ‘get’ me……..and I love that. I know a real AUTHOR because of this blog………I know fun people, and highly educated people. And they all still like my frumpy, un-educated self.

My struggling blog friend made me retrospective, I guess. Now….back to the fluff that is my life.

Sorry I was gone for so long. There’s nothing wrong… lack of material…….or no real reason for not blogging. Except I was lazy. I started a couple of posts, and deleted them……..Meh…they were just too hard to think about. I was not in a funk…Or angry….Or depressed…….just plain old LAZZZYYYYY assed-ness.

But, I’m sort of over it……maybe…….and I do have TONS of stuff to tell y’all about! Like My son’s dorm room/Dorm area!! Like celebrating PerfectlyShelly’s dad’s birthday at Hooters!!!! Oh, and we can’t forget our trip to the Lake to see the DOCK DOGS competition!! I have pictures of EVERYTHING!!! Even MY Hooters. Although, I discovered, when putting them on display for my husband’s camera when we were at HOOTERS…I neglected to put down my napkin….so I have my hooters and a napkin in my hand. I am such an old lady. If I’d had long sleeves, I guess I may have had it stuffed up in a sleeve for later use. Sheesh. OH…..and Brandon cut my hair that day, and it’s shorter than normal, and I’m not sure I like it.

So, be watching. Oh….and yes….My Hooters are clothed……I just wanted to give our cute hooters girl a run for her money. She had hooters too, and a cute body, but remember, I’m a big girl, and MY hooters out did hers FO’ SHO’……

Oh, and we’ve got son #2’s 16TH birthday coming up, and the fourth of July!! And an informal gathering of my class of ’84 classmates….AT THE WINERY!!!

So, there will be lots to see and talk about in the coming days.

I missed everyone….although if you check your site meters I have been reading. I’ve not commented much. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I was LAZY ASSED. I just didn’t. So, I’m sorry, and I hope this doesn’t mean you all will not comment on mine. ‘Cause you guys know how I love to get comments.

So, I’M BBBAAAAACCCCKKKKK!!! Bring on the comments! I missed y’all!!



MsDarkstar said...

Ms. Perfectly... you entice with could Stoogie NOT stop by?

I figured you were busy/recovering from all the family stuff/still doing battle with your cold but then when I think about it, you've been gone a LOOOOONG time.

Vacay's over, Sister! Get the lead out! *giggle

I can has HOOTERS nao? *grin

stoogepie said...


I figured I should make you wait a few days, just for the build-up.

We all missed the hell out of you and your own brand of awesomeness!

Please post the Hooters pictures right away! Especially the sexy pics of you giving the Hooters girls a run for their money.

Anyways, at least now you now that I am not Michael Jackson.

Perfectly Shelly said...

I KNEW IT! I thought I was being clever with my title, then after I got home that day, I thought to myself "he'll NEVER comment......just to be ornery!!!".

I was right!! Although, you did come through after making me WAIT.

I don't like the Hooter's picture. I've got a napkin in one hand, my face is all askew, and of course.......I think I look awful.

We'll see what I talk about next. I can't decide!!

MsDarkstar said...

Shelly,darling... you must know you can't entice Stoogie with Hooters and then not deliver.

Mr. Perfectly will just have to take pictures of your cleavage until you get one (or more) that you like.

Just sayin'....