Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Politics has gone to the dogs

You know….I wonder about dogs. Why do things ENTICE dogs that wouldn’t entice other creatures.

Take cat poop. Dogs LOOOVE them some cat poop. Someone explain to me the thrill of a nugget of feline waste rolled in a flavorful clay litter mix. Why, I’m surprised that Rachel Ray hasn’t come up with a 30 minute version (before you start….give your cat some ex-lax and THEN begin preparing the side dishes!!)

What about paper? What nutritional value or taste could PAPER possibly have? Dex shredded our invitation to the Inaugural (Governor) festivities and ball!! If he’s a republican, I’ll be suing the lady we bought him from (THE DOG, NOT THE GOVERNOR!!)

He then shredded 3 rolls of toilet paper. Yes, friends, I left the jumbo supply of toilet paper on the floor, but STILL……..what pleasure could toilet paper bring?

Then comes the piece de resistance…… tampons. Yes the tampons. No, not used ones (I learned the HARD way to dispose of those away from dog noses…….and let’s just say plumbing issues prevent them from joining the swirly ride into the sewer system). Son #2 and I came home to a hallway strewn with shredded cotton, strings and pretty pearly plastic. Tampons are EXPENSIVE people, and with the expansive nature of said items, not the best item for a baby puppy to ingest!!

Hey, did I get your attention by slyly mentioning the invitation to the inaugural festivities? HUH? Yes, the 55th governor of our great state was inaugurated on Monday. There was a parade, a potluck and a ball.

No, silly people, we aren’t important. We don’t know the Gov. (well, we kind of do, but more on that later), so Mr. Perfectly went online and requested the invitations that ANYONE could get. It made us look all important for a brief moment in time. I saw the invite and I thought that the fact that we do know them on a VERY limited (I mean very) due to our sons being the same age and seeing each other at sporting events and school events, meant we were part of the IN crowd. That maybe that their son and my oldest son being good friends got us included with the ‘IMPORTANT PEOPLE’.

No such luck. It was a computer requested, public invitation that anyone could get. Sigh.

My oldest son knows the Governor to be at his HOUSE, whereas I’m still an unknown.

Son #1 has stopped referring to going over there as going over to ‘bobby joe’s” house and instead asks if he can “go to the mansion for a while” As in the governor’s mansion. It’s funny how in a day his vernacular has changed---

In all honesty it will be hard to judge this Governor on a governor-like scale. We do sort of, kind of, from a distance know these people due to our children….and he and his wife are exceptionally nice. He served for 16 years in another high ranking position, so he’s quite well known in the city and the state.

I keep my politics away from my job and with the exception of a few whispers here and there away from this blog, since we all know that a personal blog can get you in professional trouble. But the niceness of this family and the fact that someone like ME actually can say I’ve spoken to the governor and his wife (well, not since he’s been the Gov., but lots of times before that), bodes well for our state. He’s a regular guy, with regular kids and I really like him. His wife is lovely, and I’ve talked to her at the grocery store and basketball games…….like I would any other mom of my sons’ friends.

That ought to tell you the smallness of our city that I always refer to. Where in the heck would you run into high ranking political officers of the state at the grocery store? Why, HERE!!! We’ve run into more than ONE current and previous governors walking around Wal-Mart……..I suppose it’s like seeing Kevin Bacon on the subway or something in NYC. It’s hard to imagine people like that needing toilet paper…….or hamburger………

Okay, Okay…I called Mr. P to run this post by him before I published it. I actually do work for State Government, and wanted to make sure that he thought it would be okay to reveal such information----and talk about cat poop and tampons in the same post.

As it turns out, he BEAT ME TO THE PUNCH. Go here to his non-photo blog for his notation (before mine) of the dog eating the invitation. He even has a picture of the chewed up item.

Damn, when you’ve been married as long as we have, it’s not surprising that we sometimes share brain cells!! So, although I didn’t TECHNICALLY copy since I didn’t know he’d even posted about it, he beat me with the idea.

Toodles for now.

Happy Wednesday!


Daisee579 said...

Sorry about the dog. I came home once to find my entire house covered with crap my dog chewed up - I mean literally, every square inch of my floors were covered in something.

Our current brood seems to enjoy eating all kinds of things they shouldn't. They, too, are fond of the cat's "tootsie" rolls and paper products, including paper towels, dryer sheets, and wrappers/boxes waiting to go into the recycling box. I love em, but dang, they can be amazingly annoying sometimes.

I love that yesterday's comments include a cat fight between Crissy and Dingo over who got to share what. LOL

Anonymous said...

At least Dex isn't swallowing the paper that he chews like mine. He has now eaten part of another toy and we are watching him (and his poo) carefully to make sure this doesn't turn into another $1000.00 vet bill. In any case, I am glad mine is not the only one who is bad.

Perfectly Shelly said...

PhD--he HAD to have swallowed some of the tampons. Mr. P. said he messed REALLY BADLY in his cage and had to have a bath and his cage cleaned out----it was a POOPY maybe the cotton didn't agree?

How is your baby after the $1000.00 vet bill?

Oh, and Happy Birthday.

It's been years since I didn't call you on yours.....BAD FRIEND!!!

Dingo said...

Thank goodness Dingo Girl hasn't figured out the deliciousness that is stored under the bathroom sink. She does, however, love to get napkins and paper towels out of the trash can and shred them.

I think that Dex anticipated the poopy mess the tampons would make and tried to get enough toilet paper to do some clean-up. Apparently, he wasn't successful.