Monday, January 19, 2009

D Day

Or maybe it should be thought of as H Day. I get my hair cut tomorrow.

I called Catherine Crum, The Salon which is one of the premier salons in town. I knew I couldn't afford the fancy schmancy salon services, but I was HOPING upon hope that I could snag a haircut (only) for maybe $25. Mind you, I go to Cost Cutters--a walk in, low budget, come as you are place that whips people in and out. I frequently ask questions about cut, style and color issues (because if it's not $9.95 out of a box, I can't afford hair color), and get alot of nods, grunts and non-answers.

So, since I want hair like MelissaLion, I decided to take her advice and go to a good stylist. Well, a better stylist than a walk in for a $10 haircut place PRAYING that they have a coupon deal somewhere.

Anyway, when I called, Catherine Crum, the Salon, BRANDON very enthusiastically answered the phone. I casually asked about their prices for a haircut---HAIRCUT ONLY. And I was told that on the first visit they book for a haircut and blow dry. And the prices are graduated, depending on the stylist. Catherine herself is (gasp) $62 for a cut and a 'blowout'. The 'artists' and 'new talent' are less, and finally, the new talent IN TRAINING, or artist IN TRAINING was Brandon. He charges $18 for a cut and 'blow out'. I think. I hope I understood that correctly.

I figured that Brandon must be talented, because to have a job at the fancy salon in town, Catherine must see some good talent in him, so I am not worried in the least. It's GOT to be better than Mindy Sue popping her gum to try to cover the evidence of her smoke break and Quizzno's lunch at the cheap walk in place.

Brandon told me that curly hair is one of his FAVORITE textures to cut. That HE has curly hair and never felt like it was cut correctly--and he takes great care to cut curly hair properly. Not to cut in the middle of a 'C' curl, or else it looks just like a fish hook. (??????) And although he now flat irons his hair and it doesn't appear curly, he still has an affection for cutting the curly locks.

I explained my weight, and that I have fine, thin, frizzy curls that need to be tamed and with a flattering cut.

He was very thoughtful and seems conscienciously enough. As I told Brandon that I was 'SOLD' on him, he exclaimed "YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!". I imagined him jumping up and down a little bit and clapping.

So, tomorow, the fat girl who's insecure inside sometimes is going to the premier hair salon and spa in town. It's an AVEDA concept salon. Catherine was trained some by the dude from What Not to I'm sort of afraid that they'll laugh at me. And my wispy, few hairs.

I'm also hoping that I'll LEAVE the salon as a mousy brown version of MelissaLion. What do you all think? Is it possible??

Here's the other dilemma I have. My eyebrows are a MESS. They look like caterpillars. Should I go have them done TODAY so I am not a total schlub or should I beg for mercy from Brandon and have him do them while I imagine he and the salon are all 'tsk tsking' in their collective, trendy brain?

I am nervous, Interfriends. I don't want to be laughed out of Catherine Crum, The Salon. I want Brandon to find me cute and charming and to cut my hair in a hugely flattering way-----so I look trendy, yet still un-assuming.

I will walk in in my Cato and/or Wal-mart clothes, armed with a folder full of pictures, and they'll all snicker. What do you want to bet.

Pictures will follow....unless I don't like it, then I reserve the right to not show you all.

Toodles for now. See you tomorrow....after 'H' day.


MsDarkstar said...

If you cannot show us pics of your new 'do, please AT LEAST show us a pic of Brandon because I have a mental image now of the dude with the formerly curly but now flatironed into submission hair squealing with glee as he sees your FAAABULOUS hair.

I am sure that Brandon will do ya up right and you will have a superb salon experience. And, they will not snicker... because salons like that are all about class. (I do imagine, however, my face (or at least hair) is in at least one stylist's book of Utter Nightmares)

Good luck! Looking forward to the story!

Dingo said...

Just make sure that he doesn't look anything like Bobo the Monkey.

Whiskeymarie said...

Quit worrying! I know a ton of hairdressers, and they don't judge stuff like that- they want you to look good and feel good so that you'll tell your friends & they'll go there too. Plus, I've always had good luck with Aveda salons (I'm such an Aveda whore it's not funny) and had great cuts.
And yes, I agree- we need a pic of Brandon, preferably squealing.

Kristen said...

I had my hair done on Saturday by my old hairdresser who has recently moved back from Bermuda. She used to be so beautiful and funny and smart and expensive and of course I loved her.

The only thing I didn't like was that she was so pretty that I'd look at my new hair in the mirror and feel great and then see her standing behind me and feel like a hag. I wanted to ask her to put a bag on her head so I could get out of there with a modicum of self esteem left.

ANYWAY, she's back and when she walked in she smelled like a very bad hangover and had bags under her eyes and a horse voice and some sort of rash on her arms and neck and she was talking nonsense and needless to say I was very, very nervous but lacked the courage to run away.

My hair turned out great even though I look like a porn star now.

Are you going to post pictures of your new hotness?

Daisee579 said...

I hope you have/had good luck with the hair. I understand completely your curly hair dilemma as I am of the curly haired variety. Curly hair acts differently than straight and HONESTLY, if a hair person doesn't know that, well, they are in the wrong profession. My first time getting a really expensive hair cut was by a lady who clearly thought my curly hair could be tamed daily into some straight mushroom look. However, I don't have 4 arms to fix my hair every day and that cut took forever to grow out. It was not attractive on a curly haired girl and look horrific growing out.

I'm sure your luck will be better than that. Or the other time I paid a bit more than usual for a hair cut and the lady blew out my hair ala Texas cheerleaders from the 80s. I looked ridiculous!!! Curly hair tends to have natural volume, I don't need a blow dryer to add to it. I seriously looked like I was entering a pagent with that hair. On the upside, it added about 3 inches to my height!