Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hi everyone!! ARE YOU READY FOR MY FIRST BLOG OF 2009? Because it's chock full-o pictures and the retelling of funny stories. Or at least funny if you were there......You know the kind.

First of all, I must show you pictures of my sleepy puppies. Yeah, this is how we roll most of the time. I HAD to get pictures of Dex sleeping with his little teeth sticking out. It's too cute. In order, it is Dex, Buster (the snappy one) and Copper (the very sweet, but not so bright of the three).

Oh yes, then there Christmas Eve, when Son #1 hit the garage door....he began backing out before the door was open. Yes, stress (mine) ensued, but so far, all seems groans a little upon opening and closing, but it seems to function alright (keep your fingers crossed on that, though.....)

Okay, then New Year's eve. WE went for Chinese food, and played the game of 'Dirty Minds" at my house afterwards. It was tons of fun. Teenie brought us LIGHT UP PRINCESS CROWNS for the New Year, which we wore to the restaurant. Perfectly's dad and Mr. Perfectly wouldn't co-operate and wear their hats, though. Party Poopers.

Here we are (me Teenie and Perfectly's dad), then Me and Teenie in front of the HUGE screen in Hunan Restaurant.

So, we played "Dirty Minds" a game where clues to a word are given. The word is totally normal, and lame, but the clues sure sound DIRTY!! It was alot of fun, even if I had to read the nasty to my own dad. Sheesh.

here we all are playing the game:

here is Teenie winning Dirty Minds:

here is 2009 in New York City. It's 11 pm our time. Teenie gets emotional when watching Dick Clark slur his way through New Year's Rockin' Eve. I think he may have just been drunk because he sure kissed his wife alot on the air:

My stepdad has to have open heart surgery (bypass) on Tuesday, so think of him that day if you will.......Positive thoughts can't hurt, now can they?

Oh, I've got MORE, but this is enough for one post----I know you all are yawning as I type, right?

See you tomorrow!!!


Kristen said...

I've been wanting to play that dirty minds game. It sounds super fun!

You're adorable in your tiara!

Perfectly Shelly said...

Crissy! I KNOW!!! WE were all cute and fun and stuff on New Year's Eve. That doesn't happen very often. We usually are in bed by 9 pm!!