Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I *Heart* Brandon

So H Day wasn't so bad. Actually, it was quite nice. My hair is cut, and pretty short for my 'Norm'.

My hair is very thin---in density---and fine in texture. You can see my scalp in places through my hair. I HATE that.

I've been letting it grow---trying for something new and different. I finally got to the point that it was so disgusting, that I couldn't stand it.

The length was doing NOTHING but adding frizz and wispyness to the not so nice hair.

Here I am trying a self portrait in my car as a 'before' shot.

So, I go into the salon.....Catherine Crum The Salon. It is all black, gray, and silver. There are very cute girls walking around in trendy clothes with perfectly razor cut hair and cool styles.

The receptionist immediately put me at ease. I filled out a short customer questionnaire--with basic information. I could see the only guy in the salon working on a client....I could only assume that was Brandon.

He was CUTE!! He had on black pants and a stylist version of a tool belt. A low slung belt that held his scissors, and other necessary items. So NOT in a Tim the Tool Man sort of a way. It was totally young, hip and awesome!!

The client he was working on got up with the CUTEST cut---long straight hair, and BANGS. Oh, how I want bangs. He cleaned up his area and immediately came over RIGHT TO ME--shook my hand, and introduced himself.

He asked me about myself and asked me what I like to do and what my life is like. I told him about all of you and that I blog. That I brought my camera for PROOF of the new cut. He told me that I seemed bubbly and fun. He said based on what I told him on Friday that I had a really round face. Like REALLY round. He said that I didn't have a round face, that it was oval, and that I had a cute button nose.

He started running his hands through my hair and attempting to figure out how different styles would look. I showed him my sheaf of papers--the ones with pictures of how I'd LIKE to look. Of course, MelissaLion's style was on the top of the pile. He LOVED her haircut. He said more than once that he thought it was VERY cute. He even said that he thought I could pull off a thinner, curlier version of it.

He even thought I could do BANGS. Longer than ML's of course, but shorter than I wear them.

I just told him to do whatever he thought would work, and we went for it.

He massaged my head and shoulders, and used a yummy aromatherapy oil. He shampooed my hair and arched my brows.......he spent ALOT of time with me. I mean alot. We talked about the fact that I graduated with his mom. He's 23, and ADORABLE.

He took a 'before' picture for me----this was after he's brushed, messed with and fingered through my hair for 20 minutes or so.........so here's BEFORE:

I'm honestly a little nervous about the 'after'. I just don't think the thin-ness of my hair can pull off bangs. I do like it, and I especially liked it right after he styled it. It will be hard to get used to, because it is so much closer to my head, and quite a bit shorter. It's amazing how much it curled, though, when he cut off the whispy long layers........I have some pretty curly hair people.
Here's the salon after---the receptionist took one of me and Brandon......

To me, the photo just looks like kind of a bowl cut---so I had Mr. Perfectly take some shots of the actual haircut.....the jagged edges (he didn't TOUCH my hair with scissors---he 'chopped' it with a razor....omg....I've asked so many others for a razor cut, and nobody would do it!!)--the curls and if I could I'd let ALL of you SMELL the Aveda products coursing throughout my hair.

Here are some shots after I got home and it began to wilt a bit.........

I'm quite freaked out about the lack of volume on top. I'm an 80's girl and we wore our bangs big--not as big as 'mall hair', but big nonetheless. The flat bangs on top of the thin hair worries me. He assured me it was adorable (but isn't that his job??), and he wants me to go SHORTER next time (yikes).

I want to do color in the cute jagged layers, so we'll see what next time brings.

So, this is it. I think it makes my hair look flatter overall, but in time, I'll get used to it and this will soon be my 'norm'.

All in all I spent nearly 2 hours with Brandon. He was thoughtful, thorough, and totally adorable----I will be going back. Once he reaches 'artist' status, I hope I make more money----because I LOVED him!!

Toodles for now!!


Daisee579 said...

It's so freaking cute! I think it actually gives you more volume because of the fun scrunchy curls. You have some amazingly beautiful eyes, too! I wish I lived up there because clearly you found a guy who knows how to cut curly hair. I am losing my initial love of my chick here because lately she hasn't done too well with my curly layers. It's a small town, too, so I can't come up with a good way to leave her and find someone else.

Kristen said...

I LOVE it!!!!



It's totally fabulous and cute and it suits you wonderfully. I think you should do whatever the man says. If he says go shorter next time. Do. it.

I have a huge crush on, what's his name again now, Brandon?

He's wonderful!

Perfectly Shelly said...


Thank you for the compliment---today, my hair looks weird....the bangs wont lay down flat....they kind of have that 'edge'to them that flattened hair sometimes gets.....and my cowlick is STICKING UP....but the curls turned out great.

Kristen.....I have a crush on Brandon, too.

After he styled my hair, he said 'YAAAAYYYYY' and clappped a little. I had already fallen for him, of course, but that cinched the deal for me.

He really did a great job of making me feel good about myself. Considering my weight, hair and 'fitting in' issues, that was HUGE......I felt important and special for the whole 2 hours I was there.

Daisee579 said...

This will sound so counter-intuitive (or however you spell that), but have you tried a really large curling iron to straighten your bangs? I got this idea from someone else who has curly hair but straight bangs. I hold the curling iron upside down and flatten my bangs that way. It's probably like the 2 inch barrel one. Instead of having the curled barrel part curling my bangs under, I use the thin straight-ish part and pull my bangs flat. It's hard to describe, but it works better for me than a flattening iron on my bangs. Hope this helps :)

Teresa said...

Brandon sounds awesome and he did a great job! I am extremely jealous of your natural curls. Have you tried parting it on the side? That would you give you a little more volume on top.

Kristen said...

Nice Rack.

Whiskeymarie said...

I really like the cut- I think it's fab. Reading your comment about your cowlick w/bangs- I can relate. I have a huge one on the right side (and I have really fine hair too), so I always part on the right side to work with the cowlick, rather than against it.
The side part might give you the volume you want on the top, too.

Play with it- it's a great cut!